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Dozens and Dozens of Black People

[ 92 ] November 15, 2012 |

Charlie Webster, Chair of the Maine Republican Party:

In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day. Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in town knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out….

I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.

As a Democrat, let me say how much I love this version of the Republican Party. Can I suggest a prominent speaking role for Webster at the 2016 Republican National Convention?


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  1. Craigo says:

    Never thought I’d have a reason to post this.

  2. Todd says:

    Is this a Stephen King story? Mysterious black people from the woods terrorize a Maine town and its local Chamber of Commerce. An uneasy peace, forged in a distant past, collapsed when the woods-people decided to start exercising their franchise. Will there be enough time to drive them back into the forest before the Congressional mid-terms?

    (Tom Selleck to star in a made-for-cable mini-series)

  3. In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day.

    Why do I have the Thriller video flashing through my brain?

    A-somethin’ evil’s lurking in the dark!

  4. Craigo says:

    He used the “I have a black friend” defense! not only that, he plays basketball with the guy! I’ve damned near got bingo already.

  5. Murc says:

    This clown is a state party chair?

    The best part of his rant is how cheerfully non-specific it is. Name names, Mister Webster. “Some parts” of “rural” Maine. What counties? What precincts? There are literally dozens of reporters (not to mention folks in law enforcement) who would love a confirmed story of massive voter fraud. That would be a sexy story, you’d be in the news for weeks. It could hobble Obama permanently if his campaign were involved.

    So c’mon. Share details.

    • Rick Massimo says:

      A single white person who went to vote and found someone had already voted using his name would be a start.


    • Warren Terra says:

      Given that the only time state party officials make the news it’s for something humiliating (and I think it’s basically GOP state part officials, but maybe my information sources are biased), it seems to me that they’d do better to abolish the executive positions associated with the state parties.

      • RedSquareBear says:

        With the centralization of the parties (and the state party’s lack of any sort of identity as things-in-themselves) it surprises me too.

        But there would be a huge first mover penalty, “Robble robble robble, taking their marching orders from Worshington Dee Cee, robble robble robble!”.

        (And, for once, I will actually say that both sides would be equally guilty of that.)

    • JoyfulA says:

      One of my reasons for liking political canvassing is encountering people I didn’t know were around. In the suburban-exurban areas I’ve been living in lately, I’m likely to naturally encounter only those next door and across the street, and I’m much happier knowing blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are nearby. Then again, other voters might be surprised to see a half-veiled woman next in line.

      • mch says:

        Same here for canvassing. You learn so much about your own (or nearby) neighborhoods and communities. Even when nobody seems to be home! The houses, yards, a thousand details add up to insights. Someone should collect canvassers’ stories! (No, I take that back, let’s not reify and novelize it all.)

        Like the way a few black people may be living in a struggling, working class, very white neighborhood. Or, to leave aside canvassing…. In the church I attended for many years here in rural New England I met all kinds of people I never would have known otherwise, including black folks (several of whom could trace their ancestors to the earliest days of this town, btw) whom I have NEVER seen (in my town of 6,000) outside of church. Including at the voting place (we have just one). So, as a middle class white person in this small NE town, I (and my children, born here) could have gone all my life unaware of their existence, much less their deep roots in this town (greatly deeper than my own), but for going to this particular church. Depends on the chances of your life whether you’d recognize all sorts of people at the polls, even in a small NE town.

        An interesting thing about small v. big town. Brooklyn may still be the biggest little town in America. Truly little towns can be surprisingly big, if big means variety and lots of unknown.

        • JoyfulA says:

          I do have to admit I’m not a very efficient canvasser. If people are inclined to chat, I sit with them on the front step and talk. The world is interesting.

          • mch says:

            Yes. And the dogs. I’ve wondered how many votes (people who actually got out to vote) I may have won for Elizabeth Warren because I’m not afraid of dogs, respect and/but want to love all dogs, even pit bulls.

  6. tonycpsu says:

    The Stephen Colbert “black friend” segment pretty much writes itself.

  7. Kyle Huckins says:

    David Duke is ashamed of this party right now.

  8. ploeg says:

    The urban vote apparently extends much farther than we previously thought.

  9. Julia Grey says:

    but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.

    I’m sorry, but I CANNOT stop laughing.

  10. M. Bouffant says:

    The only right-wing site that memeorandum shows as linking to this is Stupidest Man Jim Hoft’s, where all his commenters believe this to be true.

  11. Incontinentia Buttocks says:

    According to the US census there are thousands of black people in rural Maine. [h/t University of Oklahoma’s Keith Gaddie for posting this to FB]

    • ….scaring the bejabbers out of people like Charlie Webster.

    • Malaclypse says:

      According to the US census

      Would that be the Census conducted under Obama? I heard ACORN ran the whole thing.

    • John says:

      Perhaps, although it depends what you mean by “rural Maine.”

      According to the census, there are 15,707 Black people in Maine. But of those, 4,684 live in Portland and 3,174 in Lewiston, which would not qualify as “rural Maine” by any definition. So that leaves only 7,849 in the rest of the state. Another 3,208 live in other substantial towns that probably wouldn’t qualify as “rural” by Maine standards. So that leaves only 4,641 living in rural Maine. And only a certain percentage of those would be eligible to vote – so maybe 3,000? I guess that’s still “thousands,” but not very many thousands.

      Still enough for dozens of Black people to be voting in rural Maine, of course.

      • NonyNony says:

        You have to apply the “idiot-to-English” translator to his statement:

        In some parts of rural Maine,

        Translation: This one guy told me …

        there were dozens, dozens of black people

        Translation: … he saw two black people …

        who came in and voted on Election Day.

        Translation: … on Fox New on election day. I think they were Black Panthers in Philadelphia or something.

        Everybody has a right to vote,

        Translation: I don’t think everybody has a right to vote.

        but nobody in town knows anyone who’s black.

        Translation: I am a racist moron with my head stuck so far up my ass I can taste my spleen.

        • John says:

          Oh, no question. The lack of any details to the story, and the fact that it makes no sense on its face – if Democrats were trying to steal elections, why would they send Black people to rural Maine – indicate that this guy is a moron.

          But it really is true that there are very, very few Black people in rural Maine.

      • Visitor says:

        1. Thanks for bringing the facts!

        2. Not disputing your main (oops) point, but — have you ever been to Lewiston? It’s kinda big for a rural town, so you’d have to maybe blink three times in a row to miss it… (note that there are some nice restaurants right by the river, worth a stop)

    • mark f says:

      Dear god it’s worse than he realized.

  12. Bart says:

    And they’re all yelling, “Where the white women at?”

  13. Hogan says:

    Binders full of women, and dozens and dozens of black people. Get me something for gays and Latinos, and I’ll write the ads myself.

  14. Rick Massimo says:

    WOW have I had it with people saying “I’m not politically correct” like they’re a) bragging or b) playing the victim.

  15. DrDick says:

    I have to say that this is an awesomely well orchestrated voter fraud operation given that they actually got dozens! of black people up to the Maine woods to vote illegally. That might almost swing a county commissioner race in rural eastern Montana.

  16. meese says:

    “I’m not politically correct…”

    GAAAAAAAAA! (sticks fingers in ears) Lalalalalalalala! I can’t hear whatever you’re about to say…..

  17. Some Guy says:

    This is the same Maine Republican Party who’s plan to win the US Senate seat was to attack their opponent for having played World of Warcraft.
    She plays an ORC ROGUE!! OOOOooooooo!!

    “Junior Varsity” might be to strong a phrase to describe their league. Is there a ‘Freshman Reserve’ league?

  18. rea says:

    Obama carried Maine by 107,000 votes, so there would have to be more than 107,000 of these black voters bussed in to affect the outcome. There would have been long lines of busses full of black voters backed up on the freeways at the borders.

    And just think how many black voters Obama must have bussed into California to win there!

  19. Pestilence says:

    The perfect VP nominee

  20. Linnaeus says:

    Hm, I don’t see how Romney could have lost because everyone I know voted for him.

  21. Gone2Ground says:

    I would love to ask this subgenius why the Obama campaign bussed dozens of black people to swing the state that is notably white. White enough, in fact, to engender some pretty high dudgeoun outta the white guys when they saw all the blahs….

    I mean, if there was deliberate action by the Dems, doesn’t it seem logical they would have bussed in, oh, I don’t know, white people?

    • NonyNony says:

      I would love to ask this subgenius why the Obama campaign bussed dozens of black people to swing the state that is notably white.

      He’s an idiot and he’s projecting how he would commit voter fraud if he had a legion of devoted followers who were ensorcelled to his will via Stalinist Mind Control Techniques.

      His plan would be stupid, so the plan he projects onto Obama is also stupid.

      • Bill Murray says:

        His plan would be stupid, so the plan he projects onto Obama is also stupid.

        That is the curse of projection

      • Gone2Ground says:

        Are those anything like the Agenda 21 Mind Control Techniques? ‘Cause I want to know before I go to my next City Council meeting if they’re gonna try to mind control me. I heard on Glenn Beck that that’s Obama’s new secret plan.

    • ajay says:

      I mean, if there was deliberate action by the Dems, doesn’t it seem logical they would have bussed in, oh, I don’t know, white people?

      But there aren’t any white people who vote Democrat. Except maybe a few college professors, a couple of hippies, Alec Baldwin and Teh Gays.

  22. Gone2Ground says:

    I know, I’m assuming that logic is even in this guy’s neighborhood.

  23. Nathan of Perth says:

    Suddenly, black people!


  24. ADVISOR: Look, we’ve got this in the bag. We know where to tip the election, we’ve got the buses, and we’ve got a bunch of nice fresh-faced college kids to tip the iffy districts.

    OBAMA: No. Scratch the kids. I want everyone to KNOW where the vote is coming from. Get me Kenya.

  25. STH says:

    My favorite part of it is the “investigation” he’s going to conduct with his own money into this obvious voter fraud.

    Wasn’t O.J. Simpson going to “investigate” who killed his wife?

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