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I Accept Your Terms, Sir!


I can strongly endorse this position:

However, for me, I’m choosing another rather unique path; a personal boycott, if you will. Starting early this morning, I am going to un-friend every single individual on Facebook who voted for Obama, or I even suspect may have Democrat leanings. I will do the same in person. All family and friends, even close family and friends, who I know to be Democrats are hereby dead to me. I vow never to speak to them again for the rest of my life, or have any communications with them. They are in short, the enemies of liberty. They deserve nothing less than hatred and utter contempt

I strongly urge all other libertarians to do the same. Are you married to someone who voted for Obama, have a girlfriend who voted ‘O’. Divorce them. Break up with them without haste. Vow not to attend family functions, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas for example, if there will be any family members in attendance who are Democrats.

Lotta great stuff out there for those who enjoy despair-of-the-broken-and-defeated posts. Assrocket and RS McCain are the best I’ve seen; feel free to link to others in comments. With regards to the LGM Electoral Challenge, Florida remains outstanding (“What are you doing Florida? You got the rest of the union to help you along. What’s going wrong?”), and the cut off point for vote counts doesn’t happen until Friday in any case.

And a victory without Drama isn’t really a victory at all:

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  • At last Eric is thinking *big*. He’s spent the last 10+ years schisming and splitting and denouncing and comment-thread-trolling and excommunicating among libertarians, very few of whom hated Muslims or liked war enough for his tastes. Why he thought this was the route to a majority coalition is unclear to me.

    But my guess is that he was down to about seven people he spoke to anyways. Now he’s hit the reset button, allowing himself to excommunicate by the tens of millions.

    Sadly, I doubt that he sticks to the “no contact” thing. He really likes to continue to shout at people he’s ostensibly not speaking to.

    • Sure he does. A friend of mine in AZ just received a post-election rant from an angry over-privileged elderly white guy, who he had asked to not send him anything. The message drips with contempt with anybody who does not agree with him. It is true weapons-grade horseshit.

  • rea

    Just as a practical matter–how is he going to get groceries if he boycots everywhere that accepts food stamps? Is he going to buy all his groceries at the liquor store?

    • Wido Incognitus

      Maybe he’ll just eat out all the time, but that could get pretty expensive.

    • He could grow his own food or only go to farmer’s markets where they only accept cash. He is going to have trouble finding a grocery store that does not accept EBT. Even the small store in Arivaca, the Mercantile, was set up to accept EBT cards. So my guess is he will end up buying all of his food from the organic hippy or migrant truck farmers. None of those people would have voted for Obama, they are all capitalists. ;-)

      • rea

        Most farmers markets around here accept food stamps–there’s actually a program where you get double vegetables . . .

        • The little one in Arivaca did not when I was last there. So I think it is possible to find some that do not.

    • I don’t think he’s boycotting them.

      What I plan to do this week, is to get yard signs made up, at my own expense, that read, “EBT is for Welfare Moochers.” I will put the signs out on public property off of the right-of-way so it’s entirely legal, in front of every convenience store or grocery store that has a sign out saying “EBT Accepted Here.” I may even do some sign waving in front of these stores, holding up my “EBT is for Welfare Moochers,” sign, and waving to passers-by.

      He’s not going to stop shopping there, he’s just going to amp his douchiness to the next degree at his own expense.

      • He is going to try and persuade other people not to shop at stores accepting EBT while patronizing them himself? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. He isn’t going to drive cash paying customers away so much as intimidate EBT users. There is already enough of a moral stigma on poverty in the US without trying to make the lives of poor people even more miserable.

        • He isn’t going to drive cash paying customers away so much as intimidate EBT users.

          Yes, but that’s consistent with his earlier behavior of shouting “Food stamps are for parasites” everytime he paid for something.

          Poor people’s lives just aren’t miserable enough for him.

        • NonyNony

          He isn’t going to drive cash paying customers away so much as intimidate EBT users.

          I believe that this is, as the kids say, “central to his point”.

        • timb

          that’s not the way he sees it.

          What stigma if they advertise that you can buy their products. Eric thinks that means the poor moochers are welcome and, thus their lives are easy

          • JKTHs

            More importantly it’s about the blahs, per one of his comments in the comments section.

            We’ve got two ways to deal with it, as Republicans. We either accept that notion, and start becomming “socialist lite.” Not my preferred course. Or, we start educating Blacks and Hispanics that living off the government does not lead to happiness. That there are real live benefits to self-reliance and hard work.

            • JKTHs

              Sorry referring to Dondero

            • timb

              most poor “moochers” I know are white. Maybe he should start educating them first?

    • parrot

      this dude is so very ripe for turning Amish … the zippers holding his left and right hemispheres have driven him too far now … cognitive dissonance has unzipped him …

      • Keaaukane

        Turning Amish could be the great come back hit the Vapors have been waiting for…

        • Ramon A. Clef

          I think I love you.

        • No sin, no fun, no electricity, no wonder it’s dark.

          • Keaaukane

            They’d have to play it Unplugged.

    • gocart mozart
  • Wido Incognitus

    1. Well, at least it is un-facebook-friending instead of terrorism. The polemical nature of the internet (I am especially thinking of my comments on this site, which are easy to misinterpret [I admire the triumphs of the Warren Court, but I think they could have been written better. I would not vote for a White Person’s Party because I know the value of ethnic diversity and have no use for the far-right, but I still think that would be the Republican’s best chance to win in the short-term]) would have suggested darker possibilities, but they are not to be taken too seriously.
    2. A little terrorism or other kinds of political violence could still happen. This is not Pakistan (both in terms of drone attacks and in terms of local poltiical violence), but it is not Paradise either.

    • Walt

      Wido, your comments are genuinely hard to understand, which is why they get misinterpreted. Half the time, I can’t figure out what point you’re trying to make.

      • Cody

        They seem to have a clear structure. Generally he uses list.

        1) Main point
        2) Marginally related tangent
        2) Counter-point
        3) Completely unrelated comment

        Then he sometimes deletes 3.

        • Rhino


  • wtfwjd?

    Others may choose to leave the U.S. for good (Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel).

    That’s funny. I think all of those places have socialized medicine and most if not all are more socialist than the US.

    And Hong Kong? It’s part of China, right? Or am I missing something here?

    • China has dismantled much of the social welfare net it had built under Mao. So maybe it counts as capitalist now? The appeal of Hong Kong would be the low flat taxes. But, it does have public health care and housing. I think you can get away with not paying any taxes through the use of corruption in Italy and Argentina if you have the right connections. Israel hates Arabs and Blacks who are not Jewish so it gets a pass on its remaining socialist programs. Switzerland must qualify on its banking laws and Costa Rica has long been a place of retirement for rich Americans for some reason. But, for political refugees I don’t think any of them are particularly accepting of people not of the core ethnicity. So if you are not Chinese then Hong Kong is difficult. If you are not Jewish Israel is also very difficult. Ghana took quite a few famous American refugees a few decades ago such as Dubois, Baldwin, and Wright. There is even a WEB Dubois street on campus. But, I do not think we have to worry about receiving any American boat people right now.

    • Anonymous

      Hong Kong gets away with its low taxation rate because the state owns all of the land. All the rent on some of the most valuable real estate in the world goes directly into the state’s coffers. Communist? Yeah.

  • He’s just like that 4-year-old girl: He’s just tired of Bronco Bama.

  • Don’t go away mad, y’all–JUST GO AWAY!!!!

  • I love this quote I found at S,N:

    Game over. The stupid and indiolent have outvoted

    (and outreproduce) the intelligent and productive. I’m 62 years old and will now live out whatever I have left in a selfish mental stupor.

    • Sorry for messing up the blockquote. Um, the Hoverounded-American means to call us stupid and indolent.

      I would never call you guys stupid.

      • Cody

        How dare you all me stupid Doctor!

        Also, his last sentence seems to imply he wasn’t already living his life in a stupid selfish stupor. I thought he was a Republican?

  • parrot

    i got a fever and the only cure is more … sturm und drang + even more, much much more cowbell

  • rea

    It’s hard not to laugh at him up to a point, but it begins to feel like the 18-century sport of going down to the asylum at Bedlam and poking the inmates with sticks. This guy is mentally ill.

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      21st century version uses Tasers. SO much more civilized.

      There is a certain sub-species of Libertarian that has veered off through the conservative-GOP weeds, and now finds itself in BircherLand. Dondero is a classic example, but there are others.

    • timb

      Maybe not for much longer. When the DSM V eliminates Borderline Personality Disorder (more accurately, redefines it so the poor dears will stop looking themselves up and becoming even more hostile after they read their diagnosis), this guy can just be properly referred to as an asshole and the rest of us can shun him without feeling any need to pity and empathize with him.

  • JKTHs

    BTW don’t Romney voters realize the whole “people voting themselves money” also applies to rich money wanting to vote themselves a massive tax cut?

    • Ramon A. Clef

      No. Because for them, rich people *deserve* the money. What they mean is “the poors should go suck it.”

    • ChrisS

      Rich people earned that money through their hard work. They had no help from anyone. Therefore they will not help anyone else. Tax money is their money being confiscated.

      You know, they don’t use roads, infrastructure, an educated work force, or ever have bad fortune. Oh, and they don’t have trillion dollar military protecting their ass(ets).

  • Chester Allman

    Dondero’s post is actually sort of adorable, the way my 2-year-old daughter is sort of adorable when she gets angry and starts wordlessly flinging small toys to the ground.

  • cpinva

    i expect all of mr. dondero’s relatives are breathing a sigh of relief, no more having to put up with that asshole, at family gatherings. frankly, i’d be surprised if he had a girlfriend, unless she’d been declared legally brain-dead. of course, he also strikes me as the kind of guy who, if married, found his wife on one of those “1,000’s of beautiful russian/romanian/asian girls, just waiting to meet you” sites. some poor thing, desperate enough for a green card, that she lose her last shred of dignity, and be seen in public with him. that is, until they went to a restaurant that had windows that open in the bathrooms.

    tragic really.

  • mpowell

    He’s also basically publicly declared that he’ll be a terrible person to hire or go into business with. Good luck with that.

    • bruce mcglory

      That’s a good thing. if he wants to destroy his own life with a ridiculous, bigotry and lie filled temper tantrum, he can. this is america!

      And I’m loving their meltdown.

  • JohnM

    I had to stop reading the comments when I reached Dondero’s assertion

    I say we’ve got two to three years left before they start rounding up dissenters and sending us off to Nazi-style concentration camps.

    I was laughing too hard. I always like to say that I was a libertarian for a while when I was in high school. Then I grew up.

    • mds

      Most of the Religious Right leaders, even as they were frantically kicking a century-and-a-half of “Mormonism is a Satanic cult” under the couch, were also finding time to pen screeds making pretty much the same point: America’s descent into Hell will be assured if voters re-elect a Muslim who is going to put all the Christians into concentration camps. (They said the same thing back in 2008, of course, but that just proves how wily the far-left fundamentalist Muslim is.)

      • a Muslim who is going to put all the Christians into concentration camps

        First he takes their guns, then he puts them in concentration camps.

        No, wait. First hedoesn’t take their guns, then he does take their guns, and then he puts them in camps. I’m pretty sure that’s the story these days.

        It’s all very fiendish and clever. I’m not sure my description conveyed that.

        • mds

          Hang on … First he doesn’t take their guns, then he doesn’t padlock their churches, then he doesn’t put them in camps, then he does put them in camps, then he does padlock their churches (which they won’t be needing anymore, because camps), then he remembers that he was supposed to finally take their guns, and hurries over to the camps, but it’s too late. WOLVERINES!

          … I’m pretty sure that’s the version without an immediate Rapture in it, but the repeatedly forwarded e-mail has become rather smudged. The important thing is: definitely fiendish.

  • central texas

    I kept reading it, just knowing that sooner or later he was going to threaten to hold his breath until he turned blue or run away from home and-then-you-will-be-sorry. He has the emotional and logical tenor of an infant but has forgotten the words.

    In any case, I bet there are associates, many in his workplace (assuming that he is employed) and family members who are overjoyed to see this.

    • Hogan

      “I’d like to believe that this time.”

  • J R in WV

    The tragedy will be if he doesn’t carry out his threats.

    I’m sure he means every word! We have nothing to worry about, he’s going to become a hermit with a small garden, saving seeds so he doesn’t have to patronize the local feed & hardware store, as they may take federal benefits for seeds.

    Hermits are usually quite harmless, Of course most of his co-hermits will be socialist hippies!

  • Gary Graham, way back when:

    Say goodbye now, before it gets too obvious. But don’t let them know you’re saying goodbye. Just invite them out to lunch or over for a barbecue. Or meet for coffee … just casual … no big deal.

    Nobody need know that it’s really a bit of a farewell. They may get over it … after a decade or so … and your friendship can resume. But I speak from the experience of one who has lost many, many “close, personal friends” after Presidential elections.
    Liberal friends, that is.
    You see, after November 6, your Liberal friends are not going to want to speak to you. President Barack Obama is going to go down in defeat and forever be known as the one-term failure who against all odds, managed the impossible: He usurped Jimmy Carter’s ironclad title of “Worst President in History.”
    And your Liberal friends are going to blame you.

  • Some Guy

    I’m torn between

    A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmyJ1RVfnPE
    B: Oh my god, FINALLY!

    for what would be the best reaction from everyone he just vowed to stop talking to.

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  • OneWhoKnows

    Psst, Eric: Regarding your FB friends list. I have it on excellent authority that Tyler Magill, Anna Little, Matt Kener, John Walsh, Joe Lex, Kenneth P Jacobus and Steve Bell are fucking Obama-voting commies! Joe Lex in fact actually volunteered and worked for the committee to re-elect the bastard. No need to thank me but I do recommend the formation of a Thought Police force in order to truly purify your list.

    I’ll be watching…

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