Foreign Entanglements: Future of Conservative Foreign Policy?

On this week’s episode of Foreign Entanglements, Matt and James Joyner talk about the conservative foreign policy landscape:

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  1. James E. Powell:

    Apart from building and maintaining the military empire, what exactly is the purpose of American foreign policy?

    The whole War on Terror thing is like a cloud over what is really going on, no? Since the end of the Cold War, has anyone other then neo-cons come up with anything like a coherent vision of what American foreign policy ought to be? Without that, how will we be able to judge whether Obama or any president is “good” or “strong” on foreign policy?

  2. rea:

    Well, you’d think our foreign policy goals would be peace and prosperity, with the added caveats that we don’t like regimes that commit atrocities, and that people who attack us will be punished. It’s not complicated.

  3. Joey Giraud:

    You might think that, but for those who profit from war, peace isn’t prosperity.

  4. Uncle Kvetch:

    Joey beat me to it.

    Before you figure out what “our” foreign policy should be, you need to define “we.”

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