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Links as I struggle to stay awake for the Ducks…

  • Vote! Unless you plan to vote for the wrong sequels, in which case you should just stay home. The Final Four are certainly solid, but I think the choices moving forward are quite obvious.
  • Last night I was on Huffington Post Live, talking about the Iraq withdrawal two years on.  Good discussion for reminding us that US withdrawal was deeply unpopular with some factions of Iraqi society.
  • Latest in a long set of not very good days for the Penn St. football program. Go Bobcats!
  • Speaking of which, not a great day so far for the Pac-12…
  • I’m looking at this, and I can’t figure out the Jules-Fabienne connection.  Am I misrecollecting?
  • If you need another debunking of Niall Ferguson, this will do.
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  • GFII would seem the obvious choice. Not even close.

  • Sharon

    I’m sitting in a bar in Baltimore and all I’m hearing at the start of the Oregon game is, “LOOK AT THOSE HELMETS!”

  • Fighting Words

    I am just really upset that Penn State is actually playing football this season.

  • Dave Brockington

    Yeah, the Pac 12 has taken a beating. WSU did us no favors on Thursday, and it appears that Washington has allowed San Diego St. to score points.

  • Marita

    Go Beavers! Oh wait… we didn’t even get to play today.

  • NBarnes

    Last Crusade over Aliens doesn’t quite manage to qualify as a travesty, but I would have said that it was a clear mistake.

    ESB vs Aliens, though. That’s a hell of a choice.

    • Marek

      Travesty. I refuse to participate in the remainder of the voting.

  • Peter Hovde

    DK all the way!

  • Two years ago, Alyona was saying that Obama was never going to leave Iraq. Now, she’s saying that he never had any choice except to leave Iraq, and was only following through on a withdrawal that he didn’t really have any control over.

    I wish the existing Iraqi government was a better ally, too, but we did all the “fixing” we could have done, and the idea that the continued presence of American troops would be a net gain for peace and stability in Iraq ignores one entire side of the ledger – the provocative, destabilizing effect of having foreign troops there, and of the violence carried out by anti-occupation insurgents.

    Trying to draw an equivalence between a 150,000 person army of occupation conducting counterinsurgency, and 5000 security guards, is a dodge by people who can’t admit they were wrong,

  • No question, disbanding the army and debaathification contributed to the chaos in Iraq, but talking about the outbreak of sectarian violence in Iraq without reference to the campaign of anti-Shiite atrocities conducted by al Qaeda for the purpose of plunging the country into chaos is going to create a fundamental misunderstanding. If you take that out of your reasoning, you’re left with the argument that sectarian warfare between Arab Shiites and Arab Sunnis is natural and inevitable in the absence of a strongman (whether Saddam or Uncle Sucker) holding it back.

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