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Hey all,

Assuming that the APSA conference goes forward and that the city isn’t substantially damaged by the storm, three members of LGM (Farley, Watkins, and Brockington) will be holding a “meet and greet” on Thursday evening, 7pm at the Crescent City Brewhouse. Hope to see you there!

The Management

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  • dp

    Will poli sci minors be admitted?

  • They will have to buy a round- essentially just expressing more “speech” towards the cause.

  • Scott,

    Ix-nay on the anagement-may.

    Oomis-lay is going to all up in your face.

  • Anonymous

    God so values LGBT rights that he sent a hurricane to punish political scientists going against His righteous petitioners.

    Hey, it’s what the Rev. Robertson would conclude, right?

  • I expect a report back on how much everyone hates me.


    In don’t understand; is there an acronym convention of which I’m not aware?


    I expect a report back on how much everyone hates me.

    Based on recent evidence, I thought that was called “The Comments Section.”

    I kid, Erik, I kid; they’re never going to report this…to you.

    • I got good reports from last year’s Seattle meeting.

      Turns out people thought I was disingenuous or something. As if I don’t mean that I hate capitalism.

      • One hopes they know better now.

      • Well, then you’ve shown a LOT of disingenuity since then because I think everyone is convinced that you are genuine. Which only implies greater, unplumbed depths of disingenuousness. Which takes real disingenuity. Or fake?????

  • djw

    This seems optimistic.

  • I for one am shocked that scheduling a conference on the Gulf Coast over Labor Day weekend could lead to some hurricane problems. I mean, when was the last time a major hurricane hit New Orleans in early September???

    • elm

      The most recent edition of Perspectives on Politics (APSA’s attempt at a “general interest” journal) is dedicated to Hurricane Katrina as a nod to the fact that the conference is in New Orleans this year and that the hurricane hit while APSA was in session 7 years ago.

      I’m not sure if it qualifies as irony if the conference has to be cancelled, but I do like anonymous’s interpretation above. Shame on all of us for scheduling and attending a conference in a state where gay marriage is illegal!

  • elm

    Hey, Management, are y’all still planning to go to APSA or have you bailed?

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