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The Simpsons Shopping District

[ 17 ] July 17, 2012 |

Turning downtown Springfield, Oregon into a Simpsons-themed shopping district actually makes a tiny bit of sense, as cheesy as it would be, considering that downtown Springfield reminds one of a city like Canton or Schenectady more than Eugene or Portland.


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  1. tonycpsu says:

    This would have been an awesome thing to do 20 years ago when The Simpsons wasn’t a steaming pile of poo.`

  2. Hogan says:

    Look out, Utica–Springfield is on the grow!

    I wonder if they’ll have the tire fire?

  3. N__B says:

    Canton? There’s a statue of Jayne in Springfield, OR?

  4. It better have a hammock district

  5. mark f says:

    LGM meetup at Flaming Meaux’s!

  6. Njorl says:

    It seeems to be at the instigation of the guy who sells cursed frogurt

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    If a dinky little burg like Metropolis, Illinois can have a big-ass statue of Superman, why the hell not?

  8. Yosemite Semite says:

    Downtown Springfield. That used to be the part of Springfield that bordered the old Highway 126, called Main Street, up until the 70s when the town mallified (sic) and shopping moved around Centennial Boulevard. The full transition from pathos to bathos with the accretion of the Simpsons.

  9. Allen says:

    Being the Eugene boy that I am, the only time I’ve spent in Springfield was for (1) going to high school basketball games or (2) heading to the dry side. Which beats the number of times I’ve been to Corvallis, which is once.

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