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Good music for a Saturday night. Also, Sesame Street!

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  • Almost too awesome to handle. I’ve got to steal this for my Saturday Night Live Music series.

  • Jamie

    hey, hey, my my.

    Just used this to be louder than the drunk on my sidewalk. Thanks.

  • steverino

    I can’t imagine the context in which almost seven minutes of this appeared on “Sesame Street,” but boy do I approve.

    I was seven when the show started, so I didn’t watch all that often. I don’t recall long pieces like this.

    • That’s what struck me about it too–this is a very long performance.

      • I wonder if Stevie was told “three or four minutes” and tried to extend it as far as he could. It’s not like he’s going to be paying attention to producers gesturing to “cut” it there.

        Anyway: the kids seem to be having fun – especially the one in the red shirt who was strutting and headbanging like there was no tomorrow. Absolutely inspired choice by Sesame Street management to have him and the band on. It’s never too early to get children into live music.

        • “You tell him to stop. I ain’t gonna tell him.” Anyway it’s public television–it’s not like they had to go to commercial.

  • steverino

    …I did come across this, though, in which Paul Simon gets upstaged by a seven-year-old:


  • Barry Freed

    Holy fuck man, I saw Stevie there and my first thought was, oh hell, not another one. Whew.

    • It is true that at least half the time I link to a song, it’s because the musician has died. I need to alleviate that.

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