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Ruben Navarrette suffers from the condition known as Beltwayitis. It’s when pundits and politicians hang out together all the time without ever discussing anything of substance that might get in the way of people being invited to Megan McArdle’s or Tom Daschle’s or whoever’s Christmas party. Navarrette, in discussing the typical but pretty bad negative ad in the Texas Republican primary for the Senate accusing Ted Cruz of being pro-amnesty for undocumented immigrants with no evidence than he’s brown, shows the classic symptoms of the disease:

That sounds awfully thin. I’ve known Cruz for about 10 years, and I couldn’t tell you what his immigration views are. I do know that, during this campaign, he has lurched to the right in order to snuggle up to the tea party and that he said during one interview that he “categorically opposes amnesty.”

So Navarrette is a conservative Latino Beltway insider. And Cruz is a conservative Latino politician. And Navarrette has no idea what Cruz believes on immigration? That sounds like classic Beltwayitis to me. Unless Navarrette is just fabricating this. Which is another symptom of the disease.

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  • DocAmazing

    You’re missing the Tea Party big picture. Brown guy is brown; therefore, he favors amnesty, regardless of his claimed party affiliation. Other brown guy is brown, so he’ll got to bat for the first brown guy, because They’re Like That.

    Navarette is desperately trying to maintain the butter on his toast. For him to say anything decisive might jeopardize his gig.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Cruz isn’t a Congressman. He’s the former Solicitor General of Texas (and also a deeply unpleasant person, which is in fact not true of all the wingnuts I’ve known personally over the years).

  • Heron

    I can say at the very least Navarrette didn’t fabricate the story. As a Texan, anti-Cruz ads have been filling the advertising section on sites I visit for weeks.

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