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The Muppets Take Fox News

[ 36 ] January 30, 2012 |



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  1. actor212 says:

    Pwned by a pig and a frog.

    But enough about Wendy and Rupert…


    The movie’s not really worth seeing, but some of the songs are by Bret McKenzie and they’re pretty good.

  3. sleepyirv says:

    Muppets know puppets, so they have expertise on Fox News.

  4. Surreal American says:

    Really? Eric Bolling is the hill on which Big Hollywood wants to die? Works for me!

  5. Fighting Words says:

    This is when you have to ask yourself, “are you a man or a muppet?”

  6. Spud says:

    Somewhere in heaven Jim Henson is chuckling. [If ever a man deserved some form of sainthood, it is Jim]

    Conservatives never loved Jim’s progeny. They probably never will. Their loss, the world’s gain.

    Sesame Street was designed to teach urban (largely minority) kids to read at a level to catch up with their suburban counterparts. No conservative would ever consider such a thing to be worthy of merit.

    The appeal of the Muppets comes from a very liberal, pluralistic, deeply humanistic view of the world.

    Right now we have some of the most bigoted, mean-spirited, fanatical, bunch of people ever to call themselves the conservative mainstream. If they are annoyed by clever puppets, they have no fucking soul.

  7. wengler says:

    Someone had to be dumb enough to think getting into a fight with Miss Piggy was a good move.

  8. c u n d gulag says:

    Once again, The Muppets prove that they’re smarter and funnier than the puppets at FOX News!

    And any resemblance between Kermit and Chris Wallace, and Miss Piggy and Bill O’Reilly, are purely incidental.

    And I think The Cookie Monster has a separate eye-brow, unlike Sean Hannity.

  9. Surreal American says:

    New job requirement for Fox News host:

    Must be smarter than felt.

  10. Surreal American says:

    Before we mock Fox News too much, let’s be mindful that the Muppets have some expertise in the news business. After all, Kermit the Frog is a veteran news reporter:

  11. DrDick says:

    Truly classic and the perfect response.

  12. Western Dave says:

    Can we have a brony thread please?

    • Dirk Gently says:

      We’ll just start our own. Here, I’ll get the ball rolling:

      I had to suppress my squee at canon Derpy because I was watching it with my four year old daughter on Youtube. After she went to bed I had a total freakout and called my brother, interrupting his dinner party…he put me on speaker phone, much to everyone’s delight.

      • Murc says:

        Poor Applejack. She finally gets her first episode since Applebuck Season and two minutes in all anyone can do is go OH MY GOD DERPY IS CANON AAAAAAAAAA.

        Also, your brother sounds kind of awesome. “No, no, of course you’re not on speaker. Please, tell me more about Derpy.”

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