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Our Campus Is Safe! If You Ignore the People Being Tortured For Sitting Silently on Campus, Of Course

[ 99 ] November 20, 2011 |

Shorter Verbatim Regent of the Kingdom of UC Davis Linda Katehi: “I do not think that I have violated the policies of the institution. I have worked personally very hard to make this campus a safe campus for all.”

Look, show me the language in the rules of UC Davis that specifically forbids using pepper spray on peaceful protestors, which absolutely nobody could have predicted would happen. My conscience is clear!

Katehi has now ordered an inquiry into the police actions she personally authorized because the students left her “no option.” I’m sure it will be very thorough in exempting her from any responsibility.

…and, indeed, this is an excellent example of the para-militarization of our police forces.

  • Well, the students and faculty are calling for her to resign, and the university will likely have to pay out a few million bucks in settlement money to students who were assaulted. I’m sure she’ll be real happy about how that looks on her C.V.

    • Scott Lemieux

      I hear there’s an opening at Penn State, which just lost someone of similar moral convictions…

      • Slocum

        She’ll be the Secretary of Education and/or Homeland Security someday.

        • jeer9

          Obama on the Arab Spring:
          “I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian authoritie­s to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters. The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and associatio­n, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere­.”

          Carney said the president was “aware of it.” He said the administration’s position is that each municipality has to make its own decisions about how to handle these issues.

          While the bully pulpit is for all intents and purposes worthless regarding domestic policy and legislation, you might think it would be of some use on these matters. But then BHO’s resemblance to Graham Spanier only continues to grow.

          • POTUS : local mayors :: University president : department heads and other university employees.

            Sigh. They really need to start teaching civics again in the pubic schools.

            • Scott Lemieux

              We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of Obama stealing jeer9’s car keys. And ordering Oregon not to throw downfield at the the end of the game and possibly sticking us with an all-SEC final; I hold Obama personally responsible.

              • I just wish the Kenyan bastard would stop stealing my socks from the drier.


              • steelpenny

                Scott, could you explain why metaphorical hippie punching is an unalloyed good, but actual hippie punching is not?

            • Murc

              Honestly, I kinda feel like jeer has a legitimate point buried in amongst the unwarranted invective.

              We ought to expect more from the White House than some pablum about how each municipality needs to make its ‘own decisions.’

              • Bill Murray

                yes like using the first amendment to encourage groups to respect the right to peaceably assemble — which I guess is why the powers that be try so hard to make them non-peaceable.

              • DocAmazing

                It is kinda odd how all those mayors coordinated their Occupy bust-ups for the same day.

                But pointing that out removes one from the ranks of Serious People, who realize that officials at different levels of government never act in concert, only coincidentally, and never without making their intentions public.

                • DrDick

                  Not to mention the DHS tie in.

                • Marc

                  Alternately, bitching about Obama at every opportunity makes people come across as obsessive fools.

                • DocAmazing

                  Almost as obsessive as those who excuse his every fuck-up.

                • It is kinda odd how all those mayors coordinated their Occupy bust-ups for the same day.

                  Unless you’re aware of the well-documented Conference of Mayors story. Or the well-documented police-advisory group’s coordination.

                  But pointing that out removes one from the ranks of Serious People…

                  No, making shit up without evidence, while ignoring the actual evidence in front of your face, because you have a pretty little story you want to tell, removes from the ranks of people who have something worthwhile to say.

                • Not to mention the DHS tie in.

                  You’re stilling flogging the unsourced story from the public-source right-wing blog owned by the owner of the Weekly Standard?

                  I hear DHS is putting OWS protesters in FEMA camps run by the UN.

                • “Unless you’re aware of the well-documented Conference of Mayors story. Or the well-documented police-advisory group’s coordination.”

                  Or of the existence of the fucking telephone.

                • How hard is it to say that hey maybe these people might have a point, why not let them alone. No he can say it about people 8000 miles away, but not around the corner.

                • DocAmazing

                  You’re stilling flogging the unsourced story from the public-source right-wing blog owned by the owner of the Weekly Standard?


                  There’s the source–by the way, that’s not the Anschutz Examiner chain–and the story’s been followed up by a number of other sources. DHS has admitted to activity in Portland; they’re still moving between denial and no-comment on the others.

                  But hey, it’s all coincidence. The Feds have never organized crackdowns with local cops, right?

              • Furious Jorge

                Yeah, I agree. I don’t read jeer as saying Obama is directly responsible for ordering these crackdowns; rather, he seems to be arguing that Obama can easily find his gift of rhetoric when the issue at hand is the rights of people in far, far-away lands, but prefers merely to be kept aware of developments in cases like the UC Davis case.

                That’s a legitimate critique, and snark about Obama stealing jeer’s car keys isn’t going to obscure that.

                • Uncle Kvetch

                  That’s a legitimate critique, and snark about Obama stealing jeer’s car keys isn’t going to obscure that.

                  Hear, hear.

                • witless chum

                  This. A few words might not mean much, but the lack of them means more.

              • We ought to expect more from the White House than some pablum about how each municipality needs to make its ‘own decisions.’

                Remember the Henry Louis Gates episode?

                Everything he touches becomes immediately polarized. If he’s seen as taking OWS’s side – which he would be, no matter how carefully he phrased his statement to stick to the details of proper police procedure – that’s what will happen to the public’s perception of the movement.

                I’m not sure wading into the protests and the reaction of the locals is really in their best interest. Obviously, the severity of the repression determines whether he should wade in anyway.

                • A black man in the White House has to be very careful not to look like a radical. He will still look like a radical to that mysterious 27%, no matter what he does or doesn’t do. The fact is, though, that he is the President of the United States, not the President of Liberals. He is even obligated to work for those who hate him, he cannot simply disown a large minority for political purposes.

                • Bill Murray

                  wiley, regardless of what he or really any Democratic politician does he will be heavily criticized. The President took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution maybe he should stick up for that regardless of how many of how many Americans have no use for it.

                • I see your point, Bill Murray, and I would like to see the same thing. I won’t dismiss the possibility that someone he appointed somewhere is quietly working on it. But, a significant part of the American population is bat-shit and there are billionaires supporting that bat-shittyness, and so I cut the man some slack, because there is no peak wingnut so everything he vocally supports becomes the enemy and the subject of widespread tantrum.

                • OWS isn;t polarized already?

                • OWS isn;t polarized already?

                  The movement seems to be trying to avoid the familiar left-right, red-blue polarization. The “99%” branding, the deliberate distance from the Democratic Party – they don’t seem to want to be cast as adhering to a side, and their critics are eager to cast them as a tool of Obama’s reelection campaign.

                • That’s my impression, anyway. I could be wrong.

                  Do you think OWS would benefit from a big red and blue O?

            • Anderson

              Joe from Obamaland, I’m looking forward to your linking Obama saying One.Fucking.Word against what these monsters did at UC-Davis.

              Fuck your piece-of-shit president, man. He’s worthless.

              • jeer9

                I think jfL and Lemieux went to the same “pubic” school.

              • I do look forward to hearing President Gingrich’s take on the matter, although I assume all I’ll hear is a cartoon “BYOINGGG” from his crotch.

                Which candidate or potential candidate will say they would go Bull Connor on Katehi and the UCDavis cops? Seriously, I’d like to know.

                • jeer9

                  Well, at least Lemieux doesn’t have the gall to play the scary Republican card while excoriating the brutality inflicted upon the demonstrators. Of course, he still doesn’t seem to grasp that the rise of OWS is a response to the fecklessness of the Dems and Mr. Hopey-Changey. But then the effects of using the bully pulpit on this matter are probably marginal at best so it’s better to save that fiery rhetoric for the trials and tribulations of foreign nations.
                  I did, however, miss the latest exuberantly immature post from Farley on Oregon football. But that must be because I heard they lost and their faces will all have USC stamped upon them forever. No doubt Lemieux is quite capable of filling in the joke gap during these desolate times.

                • DrDick

                  Jeer9 –

                  And the alternatives are???? Other than your apparent preferred alternative to just blow it all off?

                • I doubt jeer will reply. I certainly doubt he has any alternatives. You won’t find a single politician or pundit on any side of the aisle who’ll come out on an anti-cop platform, no matter how needed it may be.

                  Of course, jeer knows that, and he doesn’t even particularly care. He’s either a nihilist or a Republican — he’s just here to sneer.

                • DocAmazing

                  You won’t find a single politician or pundit on any side of the aisle who’ll come out on an anti-cop platform, no matter how needed it may be.

                  The fact that you have no apparent problem with that is all the proof that jeer9 needs. Pragmatism is all well and good, but to actively support a party that is only slightly less oppressive than its opposite number is a hell of a long way from praiseworthy.

                • Well, what’s the solution, Doc? Support Obama, who gets blamed for UCDavis for not camping out at Zuccotti, or support Romney/Gingrich/Cain/whoever, who would pin a medal on Lt. Pike and cheerlead for nationwide Kent States at every Occupy camp?

                  If all you’re saying is that is sucks that Obama isn’t coming down from Mt. Ararat to lead us to glory, then yes, it does suck that he and every other national politician have failed us on this.

                  So what is the solution?

                • DocAmazing

                  So what is the solution?

                  Wow, I gotta come up with The Answer To Everything in twenty-five words or less, huh?

                  I can tell you what isn’t the solution: blindly supporting the Dems. “Lesser evil” is something you utilize tactically only for as long as necessary.

              • DrDick

                Gernerally true, but sadly still far better than anything else on offer.

                • jeer9

                  I know this is a terribly nuanced point that only the most sophisticated political scientist will be able to grasp but there seems to be a difference in believing that Obama orchestrated the various crackdowns (which I don’t believe, though it seems fairly clear that local authorities have received assistance from DHS which has made their responses more closely resemble military exercises rather than campus interventions) and believing that Obama’s reaction to this civil disobedience has been less than sterling. The fact that Obama would like these OWS demonstrations to disappear so that disgruntled Dems and assorted hippie sympathizers would return to the fold and politely work for and vote for him next year is a sad reality. That pointing this out appears obsessive doesn’t undermine its essential truth and seems just another way of denigrating the courage and persistence of the “obsessed” OWS.

                • DrDick


                  That is the most (and only) nuanced and reasonable thing I have seen you post and I do not really disagree with it. I just do not see any remotely viable alternatives to Obama who are not far worse at present.

                • jeer9

                  I have written repeatedly that I believe Obama is a shoo-in next year and nothing that has occurred of late makes me question that assertion. The better political issue is whether this is a good thing for the Left given his manifestly incompetent (or intentionally corporate-directed) performance.

                  Which should the Left prefer?
                  A.) Romney wins but the House flips back to the Dems and the Senate remains slimly Dem.
                  B.) Obama wins and the House hangs on as R while the Senate also goes slightly R.
                  C.) Obama wins and the House flips to Dem with Senate remaining Dem.
                  D.) Obama wins and the houses are split.
                  E.) Obviously nobody on the Left would want all three branches in the hands of Rs, and I think that result is the most unlikely.

                  I fail to see how an Obama victory does anything but encourage more rightward movement from the Dems (and he deserves choice C for ironic reasons), which is why OWS’ refusal to state demands and enter into negotiations with the Dems (Dem Party chief proudly announces, “We have met with OWS leadership and will now incorporate their concerns into the party’s platform”) is a recognition that any such attempt is a co-opting of its protest and a surrender to already corporate-corrupted forces. OWS is a movement in its nascent stage toward a third party and the manner in which it is currently changing the conversation is accurately perceived as a threat by the oligarchs. Whether OWS can overcome media control of the narrative will be interesting to see, but I do not believe that either cold weather, police brutality, or consignment to oblivion by the cable networks is going to make it disappear. The problem remains a lack of political representation.

                • Malaclypse

                  So you think, flying in the face of any actual examples of this happening, that the Republicans will win at the national level, while losing ground in the House? Why would that be vaguely plausible?

                  If the Republican wins, s/he has coattails, and they control both branches of Congress. They will then demand, and get, up or down votes of legislative appointments.

                • jeer9

                  Because the congressional approval rating currently resides below 10%. And I think it’s highly unlikely that Romney wins because of his own ineptitude and the fact that evangelical distaste with his nomination will depress conservative turnout. But maybe you’re right and a Republican landslide is more plausible.

                • Mal,

                  Why would that be vaguely plausible?

                  Why would it be vaguely plausible to someone with at least a tenuous grasp on how politics works, or why would it be vaguely plausible to jeer?

                • No, wait, set me up again:

                  Why would that be vaguely plausible?

                  Two red bulls and lingering resentment towards daddy.

              • This is the type of nonsense one gets for keeping one’s head, instead of letting it run away with you.

                Your outrage only confirms that I’m doing something right, you whiney little child.

                • Bill Murray

                  and JfL again shows the pot how the kettle works

                • Anderson

                  X —-> outrage —-> Joe doing something right

                  That’s quite an algorithm.

                  Sorry I’m a little disappointed that storm troopers are attacking college kids and the president I voted for doesn’t care to run any risks by condemning said conduct. Because he has more important things to do.

                • You’ve managed to demean yourself well below the noble moniker of “outrage.”

                  You know, the last time I saw the phrase “your piece of shit president,” it was accompanied by the witch-doctor picture.


                • DocAmazing

                  You know, the last time I saw the phrase “your piece of shit president,” it was accompanied by the witch-doctor picture.

                  Maybe you need to spend more time on actual leftist sites online.

                • Emma in Sydney

                  “Because he has more important things to do.”

                  Like announcing new Marine bases in friendly Pacific countries like mine.

                  I, like many people around the world, had great hopes that Obama might change things for your country and the world.


  • Malaclypse

    because the students left her “no option.”

    I would be remiss to not bring up the classic parable The True Story of the Golden Apple of Discord, or, “Now Look What You Made Me Do”

    In the first Vision, they saw Yahweh, a neighboring god with a world of his own which overlapped theirs in some places. He was clearing the set to change its valence and start a new show. His method struck them as rather barbarous. He was, in fact, drowning everybody — except one family that he allowed to escape in an Ark.

    “This is Chaos,” said Hermes. “That Yahweh is a mean mother’, even for a god.”

    And they looked at the Vision more closely, and because they could see into the future and were all (like every intelligent entity) rabid Laurel and Hardy fans and because they were zonked on the weed, they saw that Yahweh bore the face of Oliver Hardy. All around him, below the mountain on which he lived (his world was flat), the waters rose and rose. They saw drowning men, drowning women, innocent babes sinking beneath the waves. They were ready to vomit. And then Another came and stood beside Yahweh, looking at the panorama of horrors below, and he was Yahweh’s Adversary, and, stoned as they were, he looked like Stanley Laurel to them. And then Yahweh spoke, in the eternal words of Oliver Hardy: “Now look what you made me do,” he said.

    • Hogan

      Ford: These people are sheep. They’re wanna be vampires ’cause they’re lonely, miserable or bored. I don’t have a choice.

      Buffy: You have a choice. You don’t have a good choice, but you have a choice. You’re opting for mass murder here, and nothing you say is gonna make that okay.

    • DrDick

      They made her beat them!

  • Murc

    The inquiry will likely find that the cops acted according to doctrine and training.

    I actually did not know that cops were TRAINED to go for the taser and the spray in the face of non-compliance. I had just assumed it was a combination of convenience, fear, and in some cases power-tripping that caused them to go crazy with it.

    But no. Apparently it is doctrine. You are actually trained to use those things when confronted with the specter of someone lying on the ground who has the temerity to not comply with you.

    I miss the days when they actually had to whip out a truncheon and get their hands dirty. At least that was without pretense.

    • Holden Pattern

      See, e.g., UC Berkeley!

    • dangermouse

      Yeah the upshot of all of these continual findings that the cops acted as they were trained is that there is something seriously seriously fucked in the way these cops are being trained.

  • pete
  • ema

    I hope there’s an inquiry into the stunning display of incompetence by both the policeman using the pepper spray and his colleagues who just look on.

    • Jim Lynch

      One person’s incompetence is another’s stellar performance report. Come to think of it, that strikes to the heart of the Wall Street protests, doesn’t it?

  • The new Bull Connor.

    • The new Bull Cow Connor.

      Corrected for gender discrepancy.

      • dangermouse

        WTF is your deal, man

  • DrDick

    And we now see what decades of conservative misrule inc California has done to the California university system, once a bastion of academic and personal freedom.

    • DocAmazing

      I dunno. Back in the mid-’80s, when we students at Berkeley were trying to get the University to divest its holdings in South Africa (and in firms that did business in South Africa), cops busted heads. They were violent and acted with impunity then; I don’t see a large difference now.

      • DrDick

        By then, St. Ronnie had already worked his magic on the state, though they were a bit rough at times in the 60s as well, though somewhat more tolerant.

        • Murc

          And the irony of THAT is that in 60s demonstrators were actually doing their level best to try and shut down Universities, actually making it legitimately difficult to hold classes and occupying vital campus resources.

          That was a lot more tolerable than confining yourselves to a small slice of land nobody was really using, apparently.

          • DrDick

            Yep. That was the genesis of my original post here. While it was not all peace and love on the campuses, the California University system had a reputation for tolerance and freedom of speech when I was younger. Not so much now.

  • “Clear the protesters” and “Hose them down with pepper spray” are two different set of “police actions” one had “personally authorized.”

    What did Katehl know and when did she know it?

    • Scott Lemieux

      What happened was a completely predictable consequence of ordering a militarized police force to disperse peaceful protestors. She authorized the crackdown; she’s responsible for what happened during the crackdown.

      • Holden Pattern

        Ah, bullshit. A few overzealous bad apples misinterpreted the orders given by the well-meaning and virtuous executive. The cossacks don’t work for the czar. Also, I really feel that we should look forward, not back here. To try to assess liability or (heaven forfend) criminal culpability would just tear the campus apart.

        • Zing and exuberant Heh.

        • Murc

          I would actually be willing, in some circumstances, to cut someone in Katehl’s position a little slack.

          Many people, I would be inclined to lay down money in a bet that says ‘most people,’ simply are not aware of how militarized and fucked up our police forces are. The most contact they have with cops is during traffic stops and Law and Order/CSI reruns. And a university chancellor probably only really thinks about the campus cops they’re responsible for (and they ARE responsible for them) when reviewing their budgets and when they have to deal with organizational and security issues for big campus events.

          So I can see the following exchange happening: “Chief, can you get the protestors off-campus peacefully?” “Ma’am, my men are well-trained and well-equipped and know precisely how to respond to a situation like this. I can promise you we’ll have no trouble.” “Oh, good. This whole thing has been a huge embarrassment. Go do your job.”

          I can see that happening.


          A person with a functional moral compass, who found that they’d unwittingly let the dogs off their chain, would respond by immediately apologizing, probably resigning, and immediately offering to testify against the malefactors in question in any upcoming legal confrontation.

          Not by crafting a press release in the passive voice deliberately designed to save their job and then going after the minions (administrative leave? really) in what’s clearly the first move in a dance that ends with them offered as sacrificial lambs.

          • Holden Pattern

            Except that within 80 miles of her campus, in Oakland and on the Berkeley campus, cops gassed, shot, flash-banged and beat the shit out of Occupy protesters (in Berkeley, only the last), and everyone has seen the pictures of the NYC cop pepper-spraying two women.

            IOW, any orders that come from the Chancellor should also come with a boldfaced paragraph in extra-large type that says “And we don’t want to see any of that shit like we saw in the Bay Area. None of it. If you can’t clear them without hurting them, then don’t.”

            At what point does incompetence become malicious willful ignorance?

            • Murc

              and everyone has seen the pictures of the NYC cop pepper-spraying two women.

              I can actually tell you that’s not the case. My parents read the daily local paper and watch the news every night. In an ideal world this would make them reasonable well-informed on national events of importance. They have only the vaguest sense about what the cops-and-protestors dynamic is like.

              Having said that, I was in no way, shape, or form defending Katehl. At all. I was presenting a scenario in which someone in her position (and by position I meant ‘occupation’) could fuck this up by the numbers.

              • I can actually tell you that’s not the case. My parents read the daily local paper and watch the news every night. In an ideal world this would make them reasonable well-informed on national events of importance. They have only the vaguest sense about what the cops-and-protestors dynamic is like.

                The footage people have seen on TV, and the reports they’ve heard have depicted confused melees with yelling and people yelling, in which the police were using batons and spray and other “less lethal” weapons. There are a lot of people who think that the cops are using force against rioters.

                The UC cops’ actions, however, can plainly be seen to be unambiguously inappropriate and brutal.

      • a completely predictable consequence of ordering a militarized police force to disperse peaceful protestors

        No, even in cop-land, what happens in that video is way over the line. Even in cop-land, you’re supposed to get some pushing-and-shoving going before you start spraying people, and you don’t open people’s mouths and spray it down their throats.

        People are actually going to get in trouble for this.

    • pete
  • muddy

    According to this:

    it’s illegal in CA to spray peaceful protesters, so far as I can see. (total non-lawyer here, but still)

    Can someone with more legal knowledge address this?

  • Bill Murray

    A poster on Crooked Timber noted that Duke has had a tent city on campus for 25 years. Of course that is for sports and they make you stay rather than try to get you to leave, but it is still interesting to me.

  • wengler

    I’d be surprised if she got even an administrative slap on the wrist. The California University system will likely wish to retain the right to beat up students on its property.

    • DrDick

      Anything short of promotion and a citation of meritorious service will show that the bad publicity has taken its toll.

    • I’d be surprised if she got even an administrative slap on the wrist.

      I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s less than 50-50.

      Officer Pike, on the other hand, is going to be looking for a new line of work, at a minimum.

      • Bill Murray

        somebody has to fall on a sword somewhere. Pike’s are tough to fall on, but are easy to run into

    • pete

      FYI the UC Chancellor has issued a fairly well-worded statement. It begins: “I am appalled by images of University of California students being doused with pepper spray and jabbed with police batons on our campuses. I intend to do everything in my power as president of this university to protect the rights of our students, faculty and staff to engage in non-violent protest.”

      Nothing about firing his subordinates at Davis & Berkeley, but it’s a small step in the right direction.

  • Different John

    I’m guessing the resulting lawsuits reach the Supreme Court… 5-4, anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe somebody will pepper-spray Lemieux!

  • Breaking: Congress to vote on declaring pepper spray a vegetable!

  • It would be wonderful if this led to some positive changes in police tactics. I think part of the problem is poor training, great marketing, and a misunderstanding. I used to know a woman who was thin as a rail and had a gimp leg. She worked in a mental hospital. She could restrain anyone in any state, herself, because she was trained to do that and she put her training to work. The police should be trained the same way.

    Instead of physically restraining someone who is out of control, though, they use Tazers or pepper spray, because they are “non-lethal.” As we all know, Tazers can be lethal and though pepper spray is likely not, it is violent in its effect. These weapons are sold to the police and marketed as the answer to the question of how to restrain a person instead of shooting that person. There are better ways. Perhaps the fact that police departments are having officers work alone instead of in pairs contributes to the overuse of non-lethal, yet violent, responses.

    And of course, peaceful protestors do not need to be restrained. More and more, police are using violence to get people to do what the police want them to do, instead of using the force they are authorized to use for the purpose of protecting and serving the public by restraining violent people who are a threat to the general public.

    • Murc

      It’s about control.

      I’m not using that in some vague psychological sense. I mean it literally. Police offers are trained to always, always, ALWAYS be in control of any situation they’re in. That is drummed into them as their number one priority, and as their second and third priorities as well. You do not lose control of a situation. Ever. For any reason. You also never put yourself at risk without a very good reason.

      Non-compliance is presented during training as basically one step down from cop-killing; a dangerous precedent that could lead to the criminal classes realizing that they outnumber the cops and that this presents fascinating possibilities. If someone in a situation isn’t complying with you they are to be regarded as an immediate threat both to yourself and to public order in general.

      There are non-lethal ways of physically restraining and hauling away people if necessary. They represent a far greater risk of losing control of a situation than going for the taser or the pepper spray does, and they also take time. They also LOOK undignified. You don’t want to wrestle with some guy for five minutes, you look like… well, like a human. And you’re supposed to be Robocop.

      • witless chum

        My bet is that the Taser and pepper spray industry show police command staff some stats about injuries police officers suffer wrestling with suspects and how much money they were losing in a time of tight public budgets, also. For small- to medium-sized departments, having an officer on workman’s comp leave while a separated shoulder heals can be a problem.

  • And oh yeah, I wanted to say that it looks like these protestors got some training in non-violent resistance and they did very well. The police just made the protestors look like the adults on campus.

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  • What is it with California colleges and irresponsible administrations?

  • fsm

    Everyone knows obammy is in the pocket of “big pepper-spray”