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But They’re Lovable! And Important! And Should be on Sunday Talk Shows!

[ 17 ] May 6, 2011 |


John McCain and Joe Lieberman have been intertwined a lot over the last few years and here’s another place where they share company- they are two of the three least popular out of the 81 sitting Senators PPP has done approval polls on since the beginning of 2010. McCain’s approval rating is only 34% with 53% of voters disapproving of him. That makes him the third least popular. Lieberman is the least popular and John Ensign is the second least popular.

Lieberman and McCain have the same problem- they’re not very popular with their party base but no one else likes them either. Only 44% of Republicans approve of McCain to 40% who disapprove and his spread is only 31/58 with independents and 23/67 with Democrats. There are other ‘maverick’ Senators who are not all that popular within their own parties- the Olympia Snowes and Susan Collins’ and Lindsey Grahams of the world- but they make up for it with good numbers from independents and Democrats. McCain and Lieberman’s actions have just caused pretty much everyone to dislike them.

Nevertheless, both McCain and Lieberman are very serious and important and serious voices who deserve to be wildly over-represented on the TV. Via Marcy Wheeler…

  • howard

    i really, really, really hope this is true and not an outlier or noise; it’s almost too good to be true.

    p.s. and i apologize if this appears twice, although i’m pretty sure the first try was eaten.

  • mark f

    Lieberman is the least popular and John Ensign is the second least popular.

    Joe Lieberman: Less popular than the guy who fucked his wife’s best friend.

  • Manju

    Well, what to do? The Liberal Media pedestalized McCain because he was a throwback to the good ole liberal-republicans, like Nixon Ike…who in retrospect appear better than Kennedy. But then placed alongside Obama he gets exposed as a complete Bozo.

    So the million-dollar questions are: Was he a complete bozo the whole time? Did the Liberal Media decline to investigate his bozoness because he was a useful idiot? Why was he constantly paraded out in front of conservatives like the honor student is to the delinquents?

    Or did Obama transmogrify him like he did to Clinton. Or Ferraro? (I mean, what the hell happened there?) Even Trump was never this stooopid, come to think of it.

    Maybe Osama suddenly got dumber too. This is all beginning to make sense.

    • DocAmazing

      The Second Law of Thermodynamics as applied to politician’s intelligence. Needs work, but there’s the seed of something there…

    • “I’m going to be the next Senator from Illinois! But first, I think I’ll take my unwilling wife to a swingers club and act like a cad in public, derp derp.”

      “Sure, I’m the incumbent for this state legislative seat, but I’m going to blow off my filing documents, derp derp.”

      You might be onto something.

    • DrDick

      To repeat for the gazillionth time, what freaking liberal media? McCain’s appeal has always been to the “sensible center” (i.e. moderate Republicans driven out of the party by the lunatics currently in charge). Actual leftists have always known that he was a bozo.

    • NonyNony

      Obama really does bring out the stupid in other people doesn’t he?

      Jack Ryan, Clinton, McCain, Ferraro, the entire bag of nuts that is the Tea/Republican Party.

      I don’t know what it is, but it seems like he’s either one of the luckiest politicians I’ve ever seen or he really does drive his opposition crazy.

      • Malaclypse

        Jack Ryan, Clinton, McCain, Ferraro, the entire bag of nuts that is the Tea/Republican Party.

        Two of these things are not like the others.

        • gocart mozart

          He didn’t make Keyes any more stupid but maybe that isn’t possible. On second thought, he could have made the Illinois republican party more stupid for nominating him.

      • He is lucky in his enemies. When people think he is being passive, he is just giving his opposition time to show how crazy they are, and they seem to oblige. Like the political version of “rope a dope” in the boxing ring.

  • c u n d gulag

    The reason these guys are on all of the time is that they’re like an old comfortable pair of slippers for the host’s and the audience.

    No surprises, hence, no one has to think.

    When you have an intellectual lightwight like David Gregory, and you’re NBC, do you want him to think?
    On his feet?
    I mean, the mans intellectual curiosity stretches from a to b, and back again – and even that may be a stretch for “Stretch.”

    They bring on ‘cream of wheat’ politicians for their old, ‘cream of wheat’ loving audience. It’s that simple.
    Don’t rock the boat, and the paychecks for everyone continue in perpetuity.

    PS: I still have some hope for Amanpour, though after that Teabagger roundtable the other week, that may just be a pipe dream.

  • DrDick

    Further proof that nothing succeeds in the Village like abject failure.

  • catclub

    This is a slight consolation for all of Steve Benen’s posts about how many times McCain is on MTP.

    At least the GOP hates having him on as well.


  • bobbo

    Broderism demands that we explain it thusly: if both sides hate them, they must be doing something right!

    • Hogan

      Broderism demands that we explain it thusly: if both sides hate them, they must be doing something everything right!


  • BC

    Well, duh, if they are both disliked by the left and the right, then that means they must be doing something right. But, they both were re-elected by their constituents, McCain just won last November, so how does this polling translate to the real world?

    • efgoldman

      By the time he’s up again, he’ll either be in a home or in the ground.

      Of course that means the all-wise AZ electorate could bring us someone really good, like John Kyl…