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Small Government and Fiscal Discipline


…goals that, whatever their merits, certainly have nothing to do with what Chris Christie is trying to do.

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  • ploeg

    Now if there were only some way to get large numbers of shoppers there from the other side of the Hudson….

    The administration has argued that the project is too big and too far along to let it lie fallow.


    • prufrock

      By that logic, our troops should be guarded from air threats by Sgt. York mobile AA platforms, and the skies should be full of A-12 attack planes.

  • Xenocrates

    When can we get the recall petition going? I’m not a resident of NJ, thank FSM, but I can not believe that this fat asshole would cancel the Hudson tunnel but now wants to sink more money into this boondoggle. He really is the Worst Governor Ever. Also, too, he’s fat. (So am I, but have the good sense to refrain from appearing on television.)

    • c u n d gulag

      And you have to love fat guys who call for belt-tightening while they wear pants with expandable waistbands.

  • Tasty Pie

    Naming that dump “Xanadu” was the only smart idea the developers had. Cost: no man can say!

  • Halloween Jack

    I haven’t looked at Eschaton in ages–have Atrios’ commenters always been that crazy?

    • IM

      I haven’t looked in years either. ast time I tried it was a clique with it’s own language.They seem to have very much fun, but to the rest of the world it just looks crazy. And they never comment on topic, that almost seems to be a house rule.

  • Stag Party Palin

    In Xanadu did Christie (Chris)
    A tax-free pleasure dome decree:
    Where Hackensack the River, ran
    Through Meadowlands measureless to man
    And dangerous to ski.

    • DocAmazing

      It was a miracle of great expense!
      A tax-free pleasure dome that earns no rents!

  • DrDick

    Small government and fiscal discipline have absolutely nothing to do with anything any Republican is doing. They simply want to cut taxes on the rich, destroy the social safety net, and eliminate all regulations affecting business. The military and other programs which benefit business, as well as the national security state which limits the rights of individuals, they actively want to enlarge.

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