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This Has to be a Fake


Not even freedom-hating anti-choice wingnuts could fail to see the irony in this, unless they don’t understand history.

Oh.  Hang on.

Poll at The Stranger here (update: correct link now) to vote this “the worst ad placement ever”.  h/t Richard Elgar.

One of the commenters in one of the threads I pursued to track down the original source indicated that the photo is from the Northern KY / Cincy area.  This is the chain.  Fortunately, LGM has a field office in the area to investigate the veracity of the photo.

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  • nolo

    “hang on.” heheheh

  • c u n d gulag


    And of course Conservatives won’t get the irony of it.

    It’s a well known fact that Conservatives suffer from an irony deficiency.

  • Alas, web site looks scrubbed

  • timb

    Southern Ohio is the closest thing to a time machine to 1962 America can get (unless someone can show how Einstein was wrong).

    In fact, I think parts of Cincinnati are so retrograde that they actually exist in the time between Dred Scott and John Brown’s attack on Harper’s Ferry.

  • Where is the LGM Home Office?

    • c u n d gulag

      They’d tell you – but then they’d have to kill you.

      • SeanH

        I wouldn’t worry; from what I’ve been hearing, these pussies don’t even have guns LOL

        • Brad P.

          Somebody’s never been Candy-Assed by Farley.

          You’ll be begging for a gun.

        • asdfsdf

          We prefer not to use them; they kill too quickly.

    • Hogan

      Beijing. Duh.

      Or maybe Tehran.

      • Warren Terra


        • efgoldman

          Ice Station Zebra

    • Malaclypse

      Where is the LGM Home Office?

      I believe there is a secret location in Lexington, Kentucky.

    • The Evil DocAmazing

      If I remember my Zevon lyrics, they’re hiding in Honduras.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      If they won’t tell us, may I suggest a FOIA search?

      Keywords: Meade, Journalist, Donalde, Meade, boxed wine, union, Meade…and, oh yeah, Home Office.

      • Even More Evil Malaclypse
  • Not a fake. About six blocks from my house.

  • The link to the Stranger’s poll is not correct in the post. (It’s a repeat of the link to JMG.) Here is where the poll resides.

    • Dave Brockington

      Cheers. Sorted. Travails of juggling the feeding / entertaining my four year old while eating dinner and posting. Invariably a ball gets dropped.

  • I have long had this idea for a snark fake website of the American Hanger Institute (or something like it) advocating a strong anti-choice agenda in order to improve sales.

    • DocAmazing

      As Zuzu says over at Roy’s place, “liking because there’s no ‘ew’ button”.

  • urban meemaw

    I live in Cincinnati. Those hangers are real. Plus what timb said.

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