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Iron Eating Microbes Undermine Earth Deterrent


This is going to make it very difficult to mount a credible counter-offensive against the Gamilons:

Researchers have been studying the Titanic’s remains since they were discovered resting more than two miles beneath the ocean surface. And they’ve found that the ship has been not-so-slowly disappearing. Visitors have removed artifacts, and the hull is festooned with rusticles: icicle-shaped accretions of iron oxide, otherwise known as rust.

Nearly 20 years ago scientists took samples of that rust, and found that it harbors a mix of iron-munching microbes. Now, analyzing the DNA of these organisms, researchers have catalogued more than two dozen strains of bacteria, including a new one they’ve dubbed Halomonas titanicae.

The bacteria are bad news for the Titanic, which may only last another 20 years, say the scientists. The good news is such bugs could be used to hasten the decay of other, less cinematic wrecks.

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  • Stag Party Palin

    Not so. We just need to lob a couple of bombs filled with Universal Solvent at them – game over.

  • Glowbot

    Is this why you like battleships so much?

  • Fencedude

    I would be remiss as an overly elitist anime fan if I didn’t counter with the original Japanese OP (even though I never really got into Starblazers/Yamato, due to being more of the Robotech/Macross generation.

  • asdfsdf

    Just being grumpy here, but Battleships are completely unsuited to space combat. The armor is very selectively placed, the guns have limited elevation, and of course, the turrets would just fly off into space–they aren’t actually attached to anything, they just sit on rollers.

    Submarines aren’t any better: neither solves the problem of waste heat.

    • Nathan

      They’d probably actually bear a tangential visual relation to old sailing ships; need to use great big fins them to radiate the accumulated heat and such

  • ajay

    All this “resurrecting the best bits of the Axis Powers” stuff isn’t at all creepy and disturbing in any way. I’m waiting for the anime version of The Watch on the Rhine.

    • Richard J

      Ajay> There speaks a man who’s never heard of Hetalia.

      • Richard J

        Actually, following up on the Wikipedia link for John Ringo’s series, does this give anybody any pause for concern? (Yes, I am aware of the Oh, John Ringo, No! internet tradition.)


        Elf-like in appearance, they are the lawyers and bankers of the Galactic Federation and effectively control it, skimming wealth from the labor of others. Although vegetarian, they have razor-sharp teeth. While smaller than humans, Darhel have far greater physical abilities—and some would say their mental abilities are just as advanced. […] Their survival has thus become dependent on their ability to manipulate others to fight their battles for them. […] leaving Humanity dependent on the Darhel as all other Galactic races. After the defeat of the Posleen on Earth, Humans discovered the extent of the Darhel duplicity, manipulation and actions against the Human Race, the majority of the Darhel are wiped out by Humans in the aftermath of the Posleen War, leaving them the underclass of Galactic civilization.

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