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“Murderer’s Row” Was the Nickname Given to the Lineup of the 2010 Mariners, Right?


Shorter Verbatim OSU president Gordon Gee: “it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.”

Among the powerhouses played by OSU this year (Sagarin ranking):

  • Marshall (109)
  • Eastern Michigan (167, better than North Dakota but below such perennial powers as Central Connecticut and Maine.)
  • Ohio (75)
  • Purdue (86)
  • Indiana (105)
  • Minnesota (104)

Reasonable people can disagree about whether Boise State merits a BCS bid if it runs the table.   But for the president of a school in an overrated, past-its-prime conference that rarely schedules decent out-of-conference opposition to complain about his impossible competition, give me a break.    I, for one, have seen more than enough of Ohio State in national championship games; I’m sure Boisie can do at least as good a job at getting its ass kicked all over the field as the Buckeyes.

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  • ploeg

    That’s TOSU (The Ohio State University) to you.

    Somewhere on my hard drive, I still have a recording of the BSU/Okla. Fiesta Bowl from a few years back. That one is a keeper. Wouldn’t mind having another one of them.

    As for the basic complaint about the BCS system, you will inevitably get this sort of whining if you don’t have a bonafide playoff. (And you’ll probably get this sort of whining even then.) It’s college football. Enjoy it for what it is.

  • Bill Murray

    He clearly said they were very fine schools, which is not necessarily the same thing as very fine football teams. And none of those schools were the Little Sister’s of the Poor. And remember the original Murderers’ Row were Frank Gilhooley, Roger Peckinpaugh, Home Run Baker, Del Pratt, Wally Pipp, and Ping Bodie — 2-0.350+ OBPs and 2-0.400+ SLP — of the 1918 Yankees. (http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/new_york_city/entry/murderers_row/)

    So your rant is factually nonsense but collectively accurate.

  • LosGatosCA

    Scott, you are overlooking the fact that they scheduled four (4) road games and lost only one this year.

    The great thing about this pompous ass opening his uninformed mouth is he gives a natural forum for people to use empirical evidence to point out how ridiculous these AQ conferences like the Big Ten, the ACC, and the Big East really are.

  • TT

    22 med school cadavers wearing helmets and uniforms would be more entertaining than the average Big Ten football game. Remember two years ago when Penn State actually had a shot at going to the BCS title game against Florida? That would have made Eagles vs. Redskins last week look like a squeaker. Thank you, Iowa Hawkeyes. Thank you.

  • CJColucci

    At the half, Alabama is leading Auburn 24-7. I know there are Oregon fans here — a fine program, and I don’t wish to upset its fans — but for the greater good I’m rooting for Arizona to finish the job tonight, give us a Boise State-TCU championship game, and blow the current system up.

  • Anonymous

    He just forgot he isn’t the SEC president anymore.

  • Rather see a Big Ten team than Oklahoma any day. At least the Big Ten stays in contention (within 14-21 points going into the fourth quarter) of an SEC team.

    Oklahoma’s BCS-title-game appearances over non-conference #3s were notable for their ability to allow people to switch to the 10:00 news knowing the only thing in doubt was the final score and by how much the “over” would be covered by the winner, with OK’s points being lagniappe.

    LGM Quiz Suggestion: Which is worse: OK v. SEC in BCS Championship Game or ND v. Anyone in a Bowl Game?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind anyone pointing out the big ten isn’t as strong as it has been in the past mainly due to michigan and penn state weakining. That being said it’s odd criticizing OSU for it’s nonconference schedule. By next year they’l finish with home and aways with texas, usc, and miami over the last half decade or so. Nothing to be shamed about there

    • cer

      Tis a shame they scheduled a Texas who this year is bowl ineligible due to a losing record, USC which is on NCAA probation (and on a definite slide), and a generally mediocre Miami. At any rate, this year OSU’s schedule is only marginally more impressive than BSU or TCU’s. According to the (admittedly flawed) strength of schedule OSU is 58th v. TCU’s 69th v. BSU’s 73rd. Not exactly a slam dunk.

      I would be happy to see a championship game sans an SEC, Big 10, Big 12 team (with apologies to my Huskers).

      • Scott Lemieux

        You (and Thers below) make a fair point — I don’t mean to imply that OSU’s noncoference schedule is much worse than most other bigtime programs.

      • ooo

        Tis a shame they scheduled a Texas who this year is bowl ineligible due to a losing record, USC which is on NCAA probation (and on a definite slide), and a generally mediocre Miami.

        Actually, they scheduled a MNC Texas team with Vince Young at Quarterback and a Rose Bowl champion USC team. They have Cal, Oklahoma, and Tennessee coming up this decade too.

  • jmack

    While Gee is clearly overstating his case, his point was that OSU plays a tougher schedule than Boise St. and TCU, who both have easier schedules than Ohio State. TCU’s schedule is 68th, Boise State’s is 73rd and Ohio State’s is 59th. Not as great a difference as in other years, but a difference nonetheless.

    I would also like to know how you decide when a conference is “past its prime.” The Big Ten leads all conferences with 21 BCS appearances from 7 different teams (as many teams as any other conference).

    • Scott Lemieux

      TCU’s schedule is 68th, Boise State’s is 73rd and Ohio State’s is 59th.

      To put it mildly, this doens’t back up his point. He didn’t say “we play a mildly tougher schedule than BSU or TCU,” he said “we have to play a tough team every week and they don’t,” which is ludicrous bullshit. The schedules of these teams are actually pretty comparable.

      • cer

        Having an automatic bid PLUS lacking a conference championship that would guarantee an extra loss for one of their best teams has really worked in the advantage of the Big 10. I would not say that the Big 10 is past its prime (self interest!) but the system has certainly worked in its favor. It will be interesting to see how they fare with a championship game.

  • I don’t want to see TCU-BSU again because this is how the big 6 conference try to hide the decline as it were. I think TCU and BSU would have beat almost anyone last year and we missed the opportunity to see two BCS-conference teams lose to two non-BCS conference teams because they were matched against each other. The huge part of a possible Auburn loss is it keeps both BSU and TCU alive for a BCS game, because it opens a slot in the NC game for on of them. The question is whether Auburn can sneak back in even with a loss because they are the SEC West champ, and this should mean a 1-loss LSU is out of the BCS hunt (I think) if Auburn is out of the NC game. This of course means a lot of whining from LSU fans about how unfair life is.

    • cer

      It also appears that the Big East will be in a BCS bowl in spite of not having a team in the top 25. But it’s a fantastic system!

      Sadly, I am in the position of rooting for Alabama.

      • Scott Lemieux

        *&%%&* Alabama, I have to cheer for Nick Saban and they can’t even win?

      • TT

        I guess it’s now up to the OBC and his Gamecocks. I think Auburn could’ve gotten in to the BCS title game with a loss this weekend and a win next weekend against South Carolina, but if they do fall in the SEC title game it should be all she wrote. (Remember, in ’07 LSU lost to Arkansas in the last regular season game of the year–it’s second regular season loss –and still made it to the national title game after beating a somewhat mediocre Tennessee team in the SEC championship).

        • Auburn still makes a BCS bowl at large I think if they lose to SC. Ugh. The biggest travesty is the Big East getting an automatic with dozens of better teams out there.

  • Eastern Michigan (167, better than North Dakota but below such perennial powers as Central Connecticut and Maine.)

    Some years back my brother turned on the television. “Look – high school football.”

    “No,” I replied. “That’s Eastern Michigan University.”


    • Scott Lemieux

      I also not that this ranking does not take their 71-3 loss to Northern Illinois today into account. Yep, OSU just can’t afford to ever take a week off…

  • OSU did schedule Texas — and Miami this year & then again in Coral Gables (not their fault that the ‘Canes are a team as loaded with talent as they are with medicre coaches).

    Gee is an ass here, but OSU, a school that needed the most appallingly awful call in the entire history of human athletic cometition to win a national title, does better at scheduling one reasonablly good OOC team a year than certain peer programs one might mention.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Obviously you’ve never seen a hockey game officiated by Denis Morel. But, yeah, even I have to admit that the ‘Canes got screwed in that game.

    • jmack

      Ohio State also had a home and home with USC a couple of years ago. I am not arguing that Gee was right, only that the response has been disproportional.

      FWIW, the “bad call” in the Fiesta Bowl has more to do with Dan Fouts and his call on the play than it does anything else. He was commenting on the fact that there was no contact as the ball arrived, while the official made the call based on a hold as the receiver came out of his break. And no one, and I mean no one in the sports world gave the obviously slow and neanderthal Big Ten team a chance against the much, much faster and more athletic Miami. How’d that work out? Like every other game that year, OSU made plays when it had to. GO BUCKS!

  • LosGatosCA

    Well, Alabama couldn’t keep a 24-0 lead at home. Let’s go South Carolina!

    Arizona is trying to do it’s part. Hope they can hold on better than Stanford or USC.

    I’m really looking forward to Rodriguez starting a new era in Ann Arbor with, hopefully, an overtime victory on a bad call by the refs that has the Buckeye fans stewing in their bitterness for years to come.

    • efgoldman

      I’m really looking forward to Rodriguez starting a new era in Ann Arbor…

      ‘fraid not. I don’t care about Michigan one way or another, although I will be rooting hard for them tomorrow – and I rooted futilely for ‘bama today, also for the first time. But even if he wins tomorrow, I have to think that RR is a goner. They’re still looking for the Ghost of Bo.

    • Rob

      Pretty sure being blown out at home by Wisconsin last week was the sign of a new era at Michigan.

      • LosGatosCA

        So Alabama chokes at home, Arizona wilts, and Ohio State wins their 8th home game of the year. So much for anarchy. And the start of the new era in Ann Arbor will have to wait until next year, perhaps a new coach. I blame Michigan for trying to raise it’s graduation rate after Bo retired.

        • LosGatosCA

          As far as going all out to improve it’s football program, Michigan should look to Notre Dame for how to commit to doing whatever it takes to regain their edge. Admittedly, the Irish have only 1 accused, not convicted, sexual assaulter, but they have shown the grit to conduct human sacrifice just to videotape their own practices.

          If you want to win you can’t let the little things interfere.

  • Morbo

    There are certainly conferences I would put further ahead of the Big 10 in their decline. And that ranking system looks like junk to me, although I base that almost completely by looking at what look like inflated ranks for the Pac 10. That aside, Gee doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Thlayli

    Little Sisters of the Poor 34, Boise State 31.

  • Michael

    BCS football provides the clearest example of circular reasoning available today:

    “Auburn is awesome!”

    “How do you know?”

    “They play in the SEC!”

    “Why is the SEC so great?”

    “It’s full of teams like Auburn!”

    Please fill in tOSU and the Big 10 where appropriate.

    • Scott Lemieux


  • CJColucci

    Is there some way I can buy back my previous post?

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