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“He’s Dead, Jim.”

[ 8 ] November 5, 2010 |

Post-Halloween Friday Daddy Blogging… Miriam and Elisha


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  2. nanute says:

    Take that nook out of your mouth and do some CPR. (Great photos!)

  3. Jason says:

    Get with the 21st century… What, they didn’t have any ST:TNG costumes? I guess they don’t make the BSG costumes in child sizes.

  4. Tom Allen says:

    I’m just glad neither of them were wearing red. Or wait … were their triplets? (Fanzines await the answer.)

  5. Eric Martin says:

    Like this.

  6. Stag Party Palin says:

    If I might make a suggestion – why are those charming pictures 2.3MB large????? Not all of us have FIOS you know. Plus, with that size we can steal them and print them to put on our office desks as our family photos. A word to the wise …..

  7. Matt Duss says:

    Okay, that’s excellent.

  8. hickes01 says:

    “I’m a doctor, not an electrician!

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