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Game 6


In an homage to the completely impartial commitment to the principle that no pundit can ever be fired for expressing views their employers find objectionable recently displayed by conservatives,  I am proud to renew my eternal, deeply principled support for Dallas area sports franchises.

UPDATE:  This is…not good enough for a game of this magnitude.

UPDATE II:  I didn’t know the Rangers were now being managed by the late Gene Mauch.

UPDATE III:   Don’t keep insulting the Impaler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE IV:  Personal to Joe Girardi:  David Robertson in an all-hands-on-deck elimination game:  a superb choice!    How about a little Mitre for the 6th?   I also can’t resist pointing out that he would appear to be above the greatest pitcher athlete in Yankee known human history on the depth chart.

UPDATE V:   In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t write the post I was planning saying that I didn”t expect Lewis to have much.

UPDATE VI:   Two words:   Woo.   Hoo.   Anybody got one of those perpetual GIFS of Slappy taking the called third strike yet?

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  • Here’s to the Yankees being put out of our misery.

  • R.Johnston

    Looks like we’ll be getting an interesting and inconsistent strike zone tonight.

    • R.Johnston

      Okay, so “interesting” doesn’t begin to cover it. That’s the worst strike zone I’ve seen in a long time, though it doesn’t seem to be particularly benefiting one team or the other.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Yeah,and it’s not even Hernandez…awful. Call on the Granderson steal seems right, though.

  • Scott Lemieux

    Gorman is just embarrassing himself here.

  • Scott Lemieux

    I swear that the Robertson thing was a first guess.

  • Morbo

    And Slappy’s the last out. That tastes great and is less filling.

  • Joe

    NYT blog: “Everyone was worried about facing Cliff Lee twice. Colby Lewis is about to beat them twice.”

  • Ian

    The Yankees lose the pennant! The Yankees lose the pennant!

  • Scott Lemieux

    The Yankees Lose. The. YANkees. LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.Johnston

    UPDATE VI: Two words: Woo. Hoo. Anybody got one of those perpetual GIFS of Slappy taking the called third strike yet?

    While that pitch was in the rulebook strike zone, it was six inches outside the rest of the night this game, so I can’t fault Rodriguez for taking the pitch.

    Gorman stunk even worse than the Yankees tonight.

  • strannix

    Goat of the night: Joe Girardi. Those intentional walks were textbook dumb baseball, and I was overjoyed to see one of them come back and bite him squarely in the ass.

    Also massively frustrating: watching Hughes take a half-hour pitching to Bengie Molina because the Yankees were scared to death of Kinsler on first base … with two outs. And again, Bengie Molina at the plate, who I know has now been designated a “Yankee-killer,” but still sucks. I can’t stand that kind of LaRussa-lite BS gamesmanship.

  • Bruce K

    Hats off to the Rangers, and to people who are actually Rangers fans.

    And may those who celebrate the misery of others enjoy an afterlife of mesquite-smoked flaming agony until the last star in the universe goes cold.

    • NBarnes

      Don’t worry, Yankees fans aren’t actually people.

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Here’s some proof of that statement.

      • Bruce K

        Hey, I was wearing the only NY cap in John Kerry’s NJ office in ’04.

        And my last MRI looked like it belonged to a person…

    • ploeg

      I congratulate the Yankees and Yankee fans on their 2010 season and postseason, which was better than that of 12 of the other 13 AL teams.

    • 4jkb4ia

      Does generalized pleasure because this team never won anything count?

  • TT

    When you can’t hit and can’t pitch, you ain’t winning no post season series. The Rangers were just better over the past week. And it goes to show that there’s no substitute in the playoffs for great pitching. The Rangers staff and pen were terrific (8th inning of Game 1 excepted), the Yankees staff and pen weren’t.

    • Joe

      As Steve Somers on the WFAN noted, the Yanks looked flawed since July. Tampa also was slipping for awhile. It wasn’t just the last week.

      • howard

        joe, july was the last month that the yanks had a solid rotation. around here, one isn’t allowed to emphasize starting pitching, since random chance is everything, but i agree: in july i said in this very space that the yanks looked like potential champs because the starting pitching was looking very strong. after july, vasquez collapsed, burnett collapsed, pettite got hurt, and hughes hit a wall….

        • Joe

          Pettite was fine here and Burnett went longer than there #4 guy. Middle relief and Hughes (Sabathia didn’t help) was key. So was hitting. Two sides of the coin there.

    • howard

      tt, you must be new around here: you’re not allowed to say that pitching was bad, only that random chance on balls in play didn’t go the yanks way!

      more seriously, the rangers outplayed the yanks in every respect and deserve to go the series, but it all started with the fact that the yanks (as i feared) didn’t have good starting pitching.

      special note to scott: dave robertson had, as far as i can tell, the best K rate in the league for pitchers with at least 60 innings. from 7/4 on, he pitched 43.2 innings with 43 strikeouts and a whip of 1.00, and he allowed 2 home runs. of course you wouldn’t want to use him in an important situation

      • strannix

        dave robertson had, as far as i can tell, the best K rate in the league for pitchers with at least 60 innings.

        Nope. According to Baseball-Reference.com:

        Matt Thornton (60.2 IP): 12.0 per 9 IP
        Joaquin Benoit (60.1): 11.2
        Brandon Morrow (146.1 IP): 10.9
        David Robertson (61.1): 10.4

        That’s just the AL. In the NL, there were 12 guys that were better, with Carlos Marmol leading the way with 16(!) K/9 in 77.2 IP.

        • howard

          strannix, thanks: i just did a quick eyeball via espn stats and didn’t confirm it, so he’s the 4th best in the league.

          nl k rates should be higher, of course, with the pitcher hitting.

          doesn’t change the underlying issue: dave robertson had an outstanding second half of the season and of course should have been used when he was last night.

  • c u n d gulag

    As diehard Yankee fan (the only chink in my Liberal armour), I congratulate the Texas Rangers. They came, they saw, they conquered – and ate our lunch while doing it.
    Though and AL fan, I’ll root for the SF Giants if they make it past Philly tonight. I’d MUCH rather go for a team from Pelosi’s district than one with Bush’s taint associated with it.
    Or, the Phillies.
    I can’t root for Texas for another reason – the way, way, way over-rated Nolan Ryan. A great freak of a strike-out pitcher, but NOT a great pitcher.
    WAIT ‘TIL NEXT YEAR! (When we buy up Lee and everyone else in sight. Oy, it’s tough to root for the pimps – especially when they get the best playah’s).

    • howard

      cundgulag: my guess is that lee stays in texas, especially if they win it all.

      • c u n d gulag

        I’m ok with that, believe me. I’m sick and tired of buying up players. My favorite year of all, besides ’78 when we “Dented” the Red Sox chances, was 1996, when it was mostly home-grown players, or those acquired in trades. Yes, please note that I did say “mostly.”
        We won last year (yeah, thanks to 2 great FA signings and AJ), so, I’m fine with not winning a WS for a little while. I’d like to look forward to seeing the next generation of home-grown players mature.
        I know this sounds odd coming from a Yankees fan…

    • rea

      a team * * * with Bush’s taint associated with it.

      If it makes you feel better, think of them as the Washington Senators “Whatever Lola Wants . . .”]

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