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Survival is Not Interesting…


David Kamp’s “Lennon at 70!” is altogether craptastic. It did, however, remind me of Ian Macleod’s vastly superior Snodgrass.

“Hey, John!”

It’s a guy’s voice, not Cal’s after all. Sounds almost Liverpool.

“Hey, wait a minute! Can’t we just talk?”

The voice rings in silence.

“John! It’s me!”

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  • Holy Semolina Pilchards, do NOT get out of the boat people.

    Don’t believe me? See if you can get this down without puking and/or putting your monitor through a wall:

    The scars run up and down John Lennon’s torso, unignorable souvenirs of that night nearly 30 years ago when a team of Roosevelt Hospital physicians, led by Dr. Stephan Lynn, heroically patched back together an upper body torn open by the gun of Mark David Chapman.

    Not. Cute.

  • rea

    John Lennon would NOT have voted for Reagan. Shit.

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