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And I Declare the Browns +2.5 at Tampa Smooth Scooter’s Lock of the Week!


This is normally Farley’s department, but with insufficient notice I’ve created a Pigskin Pick ‘Em group for those degenerate LGM readers who just have to not-bet.     Info is the usual:

Group:  Lawyers, Guns and Money

Password: zevon

See you there!   I also recommend this article about Donovan McNabb in the meantime.

UPDATE BY ROB: You’re stealing my bit! Also, note that the Pigskin league is of the spread variety. As usual, a prize will be awarded for first place. Speaking of which, here are the latest Baseball Challenge standings:

1 Feces FlingersB. Drunk 2689 7199 98.4
2 free leonardM. Ricci 2523 7113 97.8
3 HeadlessThompson GunnerS. Hickey 2727 7097 97.6
4 C. Quentin’s UnicornA. Katz 2674 7087 97.5
5 Dwarf MammothsT. Mohr 2683 6997 96.7
6 DeepKarmaB. Ladd 2831 6980 96.5
7 Greinke Uber Alles!J. Murray 2683 6850 94.9
8 Lamar KardashianD. Howard 2634 6799 94.2
9 Better Arms on ChairsB. Mizelle 2567 6761 93.7
10 Ambulance ChasersJ. Shurberg 2520 6749 93.6
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  • Sean

    If you unlock the group, I’ll join.

    • Scott Lemieux


      • Sean

        Thanks, Scott

  • The fuckin’ Saints couldn’t cover a touchdown spread? This is gonna be a long season.

  • norbizness

    TV: So call me now! $5 for the first minute, $2 for each additional minute!
    Homer: [dials the number]
    Voice: You… have reached… the Coach’s… Hot-…
    Homer: Line.
    Voice: Line.
    Homer: Yeah, lay it on me, Coach.
    Voice: In the game… of… Mi… am… i…
    Homer: Mm hm.
    Voice: Versus Cin…
    Homer: Cincinnati.
    Voice: cin…
    Homer: Cincinnati.
    Voice: nat…
    Homer: Cincinnati.
    Voice: i…
    Homer: Come on, come on, don’t you realize this is costing me money!

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