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They will always behave like grade-schoolers


Paul Waldman on the subject of painting Energy Department roofs white to save energy:

I’m guessing conservatives will attack this idea, because … well, because conservation is for wimps, or something. You might remember that Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the roof of the White House, and when Ronald Reagan took office, he ordered them taken down. I wonder if President Palin will demand that all the white roofs on DoE buildings be painted black?

The answer is, “Of course she will,” because when Republicans waste energy, they hear the symphony of a million hippies weeping:

UCLA economists Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn analyzed the impact of an energy-conservation program in California that informed households about how their energy use compared with that of their neighbors. While the program succeeded in encouraging Democrats and environmentalists to lower their consumption, Republicans had the opposite reaction. When told of their relative thrift, they started cranking up the thermostat and leaving the lights on more often.


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  • milcon

    This won’t happen. The Congressional Black Caucus will object, and then the roofs will be painted grey.

    • mark f

      Lolololol. Hey, are they still calling it the White House these days, amirite?

  • c u n d gulag

    Cnservatives are like 3 year olds. If you ask them to do something, they do the opposite.

    I have a way to save this country. We tell them that we DFH liberals and progressives are totally against secession.
    They secede. We succeed! Problem resolved.

    • Sydneysider

      THIS. It’s time to correct the mistake of the 1860s – no fighting to get them back this time!

  • That program in California should have jacked up rates of people whose consumption increased after that notification.

  • why the hell would you crank UP the thermostat in CA?

    • Warren Terra

      Doom, the thermostat lets you set the temperature you want your house’s climate-control mechanisms to aim for. Yes, these climate-control mechanisms likely include heaters – but they also include the air conditioning. Unless your thermostat goes a lot higher than mine does, setting your thermostat higher in LA in July will almost certainly result in lower utility bills.

      • Anonymous

        That wasn’t what’s going on in the article, though – they are saying that that Republicans cranked up their thermostat in order to increase their energy use (implying that they were using heat). But as I said in my comment below, people in CA in general, and SoCal in particular, do still need heat.

    • Anonymous

      Because it gets cold there? It’s not a tropical place, you know (don’t let the palm trees fool you – they’re not native). Even in SoCal, it can get quite cold, especially in the winter, especially at night.

  • This sounds like snark, but I am being deadly serious.

    Conservatives have to be either ignorant, of suffering from a severe personality defect.

    “Fuck you, I got mine!” is not an inspiring mantra.

    Lo siento,

  • Davis X. Machina

    In honor of long-time Rep. and chairman of the UNCF, ex-Majority Whip Bill Gray.

  • Mikebdot

    It seems like an enormous opportunity is being missed. Apparently “liberal” is a bad word that democrats run away from because so called conservatives have demonized it so. Why not run ads about a democratic plan to actually conserve the earth. “conserve the earth left” vs “the drill and waste right”. “left” and “right” don’t actually mean anything. There is no other connotation besides “left/right brain”.

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