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Finding out that liberal pundits were happy when Barack Obama won the 2008 election is a remarkably shocking scandal. Tucker Carlson is truly redefining journalism for our time.

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  • You don’t have deep thoughts, Scott.

    Maybe they’d be a litle deeper if someone threw you through a plate-glass window.

    Lame-ieux. Fail.

    • JBL

      I didn’t know fourth-graders commented on political blogs.

    • Stag Party Palin

      One of the neat things about SadlyNo is the script for GreaseMonkey that kills trolls. Anything like that available for LG&M? Just asking. No inference that Americaneocon’s hysterically humorous postings are anything less than essential.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Wait — I thought I had banned him? If that’s the case, I don’t know how that three year old was able to post under his name…

    • hv

      Wow, this attack is just embarrassingly stupid. You put the “jerk” in “knee-jerk” reaction.

      When this item was titled “deep thought” it was out of a sense of sarcasm or irony… you know, that it is NOT a deep thought that liberal pundits were happy in November of 2008. It is a shallow thought. It is a trivial observation. It is not surprising, and the only person who would need to ‘prove’ it would be Tucker Carlson.

      Oh, and if we are making fun of people’s names, I still think “Americaneocon” is a Fail. Shouldn’t it be: AmericanNeocon?

  • Joe

    Sane pundits were happy.

  • Well, it looks like “three year olds” take on the big boys sometimes, Lame-ieux:

    ‘Correcting the New York Times’.

    A “remarkably shocking scandal” that NYT alleges racism when there is none, but you knew that, right Scotty-wottie?

    • hv

      “NYT alleges racism when there is none”

      You have the facts wrong, there certainly was some racism in this incident. Racial epithets were used in the vicinity of the Tea Party… unfortunately, they were off the record, so the NYT now acknowledges that they COULD be from someone else. Maybe it wasn’t from the douches carrying racist signs. Maybe there was a second racist on a grassy knoll!

      Hey, just wondering… since you are so jumping up and down mad demanding corrections from the NYT… where do we go to get corrections for YOUR journalism? Because I have spotted some real howlers that make this NYT thing look like child’s play. Now that we know you have standards, when can we expect to see them implemented? Journalistic integrity doesn’t go back in the bottle when you are done with it.

      So weird to me that you are crowing about this one. Your title for the item: I got a correction out of the NYT, yay me! My title for the item: liberal media once again shown to be orders of magnitude more honest, self-regulating, and responsible than conservative pundits.

  • Brad Potts

    If conservatives hadn’t been scared into batshit crazy land and actually listened to the words between “change” and “hope”, they should have been mildly satisfied as well.

  • Julian

    Scotty … wottie?

    Scott, when your trolls call you pet names, you must be doing something right.

    Or is your wife pulling our leg?

  • c u n d gulag

    Ah, I see AmericaneoCLOWN has left his usual outhouses to shit over here.
    Can someone wake me up if this idiot ever says anything remotely intellegent or funny?
    Bye, Americaneoclowny wowny…

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