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Computer Geeks: “Give Us Your Huddled Facebook Masses”

[ 3 ] May 15, 2010 |

Recently I wrote about the need for Facebook alternatives. A team of NYU computer science students may have just the thing:

Why can’t privacy and connectedness go hand-in-hand? That’s the question being raised by those behind the new Diaspora project, an ambitious undertaking to build an “anti-Facebook” – that is, a private, open source social network that puts you back in control of your personal data.

Envisioned by four NYU computer science students, the Diaspora project would replace today’s centralized social web (yes, they mean you, Facebook) with a decentralized one, while still offering something that’s convenient and easy for anyone to use.

And not a moment too soon. More from the New York Times.


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  2. Can you also make it so that it not such a time sucking hole? I love to hate when someone asks a question and you allmost feel compled to answer knowing that besides your privacy, you will be also giving up your freedom. I am chained to my computer as it is!

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