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I, for One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords

[ 27 ] April 25, 2010 |

It’s kind of hard to tell, but I think that Reliapundit is arguing that an alien invasion will (massacres and general butchery aside) usher in a New Golden Age for humanity, expose us to the One True Religion, and make everyone better off. Perhaps Reliapundit is a Cylon? Would make a lot more sense…

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  1. Robert Cooper says:


  2. wengler says:

    Always trust a website WRITTEN ALL IN CAPS.

    It’s a well-known fact that our alien overlords will deliver us from this hellish existence on Earth. After killing a few billion, raping the rest of the environment of resources and subjegating our culture for the love of Krasmar.

  3. William Burns says:

    Right now, I am enjoying the fantasy of Reliapundit getting a time machine, going back to the glorious age of conquest, and calling Cortez a “Judeo-Christian.” Good times. . .

  4. Er. No. He’s arguing that the darkies are so ungrateful to the white man without whom they’d still be living in a state of complete lawlessness, having wars, attempting to cure disease with strange rituals instead of standing around latrines to keep the disease demons at bay and not reading the Bible.



    What a galloping motherfucker.

  5. Andre says:

    Ah yes. The well-known liberal knee-jerk reaction against violent oppression and genocide by alien entities.

  6. Fats Durston says:

    I’m curious as to the Spanish science and medicine of 1521 CE.

    SLASH AND BURN HUNTING? Maybe, just maybe, he’s talking about “distant pastoralism,” but where I come from a fellar doesn’t hunt vegetation.

    At least the aliens wouldn’t bring virgin soil epidemics–unless we’re all part of some great universal diaspora and share DNA.

  7. reliapundit says:

    thanks for the link.

    i like your humorous critique.

    but it’s off the mark.

    if you read carefully, all i am saying is that hawking used a bad analogy.

    i gave links to back it up.

    it’s an area where i have some expertize – more than hawking.

    by arguing that hawking was wrong to use th analogy, i am most definitely NOT saying that an encounter with aliens today would be a good thing. and it doesn’t logically follow from a word that i wrote.


  8. R. Porrofatto says:

    Perhaps Reliapundit is a Cylon?

    The absurd Reliapundit is an asshole… I’m sorry… AN ASSHOLE. Perhaps Cylons have assholes, too, bit they couldn’t possibly be as blessed as we are.

    it’s an area where i have some expertize – more than hawking.

    No doubt. Didja get the anal probe, too, or just the mind-meld?

  9. rea says:

    it’s an area where i have some expertize

    He knows almost as much about colonialism and pre-Columbian America as he does about spelling.

  10. Master Mahan says:

    So should I listen to Stephen Hawking or the guy who writes like Time Cube? Tough call. On one hand, Reliapundit is arguing that since Dr. Hawking revised an inconsistency in his model on the quantum mechanics of black hole radiation, he is fallible – fallible being just another word for wrong about everything all the time. On the other hand, this guy has yet to understand the cosmic mystery of the caps lock.

  11. mds says:

    Eh, there’s nothing in Hawking’s professional expertise that makes him especially qualified to opine on extraterrestrials. He has far more brain cells to rub together than, say, Reliapundit, but so does your average Border collie.

    Anyway, serious speculative fiction authors have wrangled over this for quite some time, as have innumerable physics grad students while under the influence of a favored beverage. Greg Egan, mathematician and author (woo-OO-oo!), has long been of the view that any extraterrestrials who had achieved a sufficient level of technology and civilization to get here to begin with, and pose a threat once here, wouldn’t have any need to plunder our resources; they could just get on with mining asteroids, gas giants, the cometary cloud, etc, or building Dyson spheres. Egan refers to the classic alien invasion scenario as “bacteria with spaceships.” I mean, sure, right now humans would invade other inhabited worlds for their resources and/or to convert them to Christianity. But obviously, we’re also unable to travel freely to other star systems, and those selfsame traits have us on the path to civilizational collapse. No Klaatu required.

  12. bobbyp says:

    but, but, but….he had LINKS!

  13. Anonymous says:

    “You Humans are so ungrateful! When we got here you were plagued by wars and famines and diseases, and now, for the 0.01 percent of those of you who survived, you have all sorts of nice technology and the joy of practising our Universal Hug ideology on your reservations in Patagonia and Outer Mongolia.”

  14. LosGatosCA says:

    Please don’t pick on the palsies less fortunate.

  15. Kevin says:

    Kooks of all stripes like to yell in ALL CAPS.

  16. davenoon says:

    It’s a bit subtle, but the best part for me was when he shouted about “SCOOPING HOT AIR ON THIS.”

    Dude: If the article appears on BBC, you aren’t “scooping” anyone by blogging it.

  17. […] of life beyond our own home world.  A few excerpts from the British press have lit a storm of comment across the web, so I thought I’d join the […]

  18. JD Rhoades says:

    The really amusing thing about Reliapundit is his chest-beating internet tough guy “comments policy:”

    Polite comments will be responded to politely; however, if you use a knife, then we will use guns.

    HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Such a macho pose for a guy who doesn’t have the balls to post under his own name.

  19. Ginger Yellow says:

    “It’s kind of hard to tell, but I think that Reliapundit is arguing that an alien invasion will (massacres and general butchery aside) usher in a New Golden Age for humanity, expose us to the One True Religion, and make everyone better off. Perhaps Reliapundit is a Cylon? ”

    It’s more likely he’s Ozymandias, no? Better get SEK on the case.

  20. Bob L says:

    Yes, after 90% of the human population is killed, our culture erased our great great grandchildren will live a golden age running casinos and houses of ill repute for our Insect Overlords.

  21. Halloween Jack says:

    Oh, he’s probably got his dander up because one of the world’s smartest people is harshing on his fantasy of sleeping with a green chick. (Which is always possible, of course, if you have enough food coloring and bedsheets that you’re not too attached to.)N

  22. Brad P. says:

    I’m with you.

    I can’t wait for my free trip to Mars, my per capita payments, and my casino. Maybe in my spare time I can amuse the aliens with degrading caricatures of my culture.

    If only they could arrive tomorrow and they can end our warlike ways with a little well-placed genocide!

  23. not sure says:

    Not sure if trolling, or just REALLY stupid….

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