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He’s Not Artistic, And He Has No Integrity


The cottage industry of liberals who were convinced that John McCain’s brief fit of pique against George W. Bush reflected his Real Authentic Moderate Liberal self (I still think this installment of Jacob Weisberg’s McCain hagiography project is definitive) was an especially silly episode in our dubious political discourse. You’d think it would be over for good, but since it never made any sense to begin with, who knows?

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  • DocAmazing

    Teh current journamalism project is denying that such hagigraphy ever existed. Already we have newsbots claiming that the barbecue incident never happened. In a couple of years, “Maverick” will once again be an old James Garner TV show.

  • JRoth

    I never liked McCain and I never wanted to be his boyfriend, but wasn’t he a non-standard R in ’99 and ’98 – ie, before Bush became anointed? I’m almost positive that he was distinguishing himself from standard Gingrich-line Rs before he had W to oppose. I don’t think he was ever substantively mavericky – in the end he was always pretty staunchly conservative – but I do think that there was more to that reputation than a 4 month primary campaign and the 2 years of bitterness that ensued.

    I suppose links would help here, but the era I’m thinking of is pre-blog, and I don’t remember what I was reading at the time that gave me this impression.

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