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LGM Meme Goes National!


Huh. I see no alternative but to give us the credit for the forthcoming victory.

[Thx to T.S. for the tip.]

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  • Rob

    Mother. Fuckers.

  • d

    Jeezus pleezus. Is the meme that self-explanatory now? More to the point, can I put that original post/thread on my CV?

  • So you were previously local or something?

  • MikeJ

    If slate is using it, it’s jumped the shark as bad as “jumped the shark.”

  • d

    Which is funny, because a commenter at TBogg’s old place once claimed that we’d jumped the shark in early 2007. Boy, was he wrong!

  • That’s hilarious. Functional too, I hope.

  • jon

    All your traditions are belong to us.

  • Senior advisors have told McCain to beware of all internet traditions.

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