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How Can We Forget You if You Won’t Go Away?


Shorter Verbatim Bob Kerrey: “Obama understands that to succeed, he must make peace with John McCain just as he has done with Hillary Clinton. When this historic election concludes, I expect the two to sit down, without precondition, and negotiate an agenda of reform.”

Admittedly, I’m not opposed to any such discussion that begins (and ends) with Obama saying “Here’s my offer: nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would sell one of your 13 houses to put up personally.” Students who have watched Kerrey perfect the the all-too-active art of concern trolling will not be surprised to learn, however, that the “reforms” Kerrey seems to have in mind involve Obama agreeing to implement Republican fiscal policies using feeble Republican talking points…

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  • Kerrey. Bob the New School guy is “EY.” John Kerry the former Democratic Presidential candidate is “Y.”
    Easy mistake to make, but unfair to John.

  • wengler

    But Bob Kerrey and John McCain are both war heroes! Do what they say or America gets it!

  • yoyo

    Nah, i can see mccain blaming his rovian handlers/palin/GOP base for his loss, as a way of maintaining his self-respect. ANd if all of your party hates you, its easy to hate back. Obama basically offers to let mccain put his name on some bills, and get his mug in front of tv cameras a couple more times, in exchange for some ‘bipartisan’ cover (and a vote) on something.

  • rea

    Bob Kerrey and John McCain are both war heroes!
    Well, Kerrey certainly has the gaudiest of medals, but has also confessed to mass murder of civilians (and not in the antiseptic, socially acceptable way that John McCain committed mass murder of civilians).

  • brad

    Don’t forget Kerrey also used a New School graduation ceremony as a chance for McCain to score cheap martyr points with the Repub base in 06, putting him in as keynote speaker against the wishes of pretty much everyone else in MSG that day. The New School scored some cheap free publicity but no real good came of it.
    I’ve been a grad student at the New School since well before then and I think Kerrey is slowly killing the school with misplaced priorities halfheartedly followed through on, but that’s a separate issue.
    My point is just to mention that Kerrey considers McCain such a close friend he’ll ask others to give up a great deal for him.

  • You have to admit, Bob Kerrey is an expert on the subject of douchebag Senators blocking a new Democratic President’s agenda. (All the stories about Bill Clinton yelling “Fuck you! at Kerrey don’t mention how much Kerrey deserved it.)

  • cer

    Kerrey’s disdain for Obama is baffling. I’m not sure if it is genuine dislike of Obama or his blind love of John McCain but it is really off-putting. I think Kerrey and McCain suffer from the same moral certitude and self-appointed maverickitude that is little more than self-important assholery.
    I’m still puzzled as to why the New School decided Kerrey was a good idea.

  • Mudge

    McCain will be irrelevant once Congress restarts. He has never been a leader, won’t be now and every other Republican will look at seats that used to be filled by colleagues, see they are now filled by Democrats, and depise the guy.
    McCain will be forced to be mavericky once again.

  • Fr33d0m

    “Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would sell one of your 13 houses to put up personally.”

  • RepubAnon

    The Republicans will have one goal during an Obama presidency: the destruction of this country in preparation for the 2012 elections. This means continuing the tactics we’ve already seen: filibustering anything useful, then blaming the Democrats.
    It’s like California – where the Republicans have long prevented any tax increases, regardless of need.

  • “Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would sell one of your 13 houses to put up personally.”
    It’s a Godfather reference.
    In other news, Lady Lynn de Rothschilde, last seen announcing that she couldn’t support Obama because of his elitism, warns that he’s going to give all your money to welfare moms.

  • OK. Assume Obama does win. Further assume he is inclined to get marching orders from a Republican. Now, someone please explain to me why the hell he would get them from McCain.
    I’m sort of serious here. Last time I checked McCain was just one of the senators from Arizona. The minority leader of the Senate is Mitch McConnell. Is there some sort of “I ran for president and lost so I’m the boss of you,” rule I don’t know about? If not, Kerrey’s extending his middle finger in McConnell’s direction and I bet he wouldn’t be pleased if McCain told him to step aside and let him handle Obama.
    Although that would make for some amusing political theater…
    Never mind.

  • spence-bob

    Bob Kerrey can eat a big bowl of dicks. Who gives a fuck what he “expects?” When is the last time this asshole was relevant to national politics, anyway?

  • Sloop John B

    Oh, yeah, ’cause Bob Kerrey sure knows a lot about winning presidential elections.

  • cleter

    Perhaps Kerrey resents Obama for his shiny suits and olive-oil charm.
    Kerrey basically IS McCain, only pro-choice.
    Kerrey ran in 92 and got hosed by Clinton and resented it ever after. He even mulled over a 96 primary challenge to Clinton, back in 94-95, when Clinton was thought to be a likely one-term washout. I think Kerrey looks at guys like Clinton and Obama and thinks “goddamit, I shoulda been president!”

  • libarbarian

    Thankfully, Obama will probably not act like Michael Corleone.

  • JayDenver

    The irony of being married to “Sarah Paley” should not escape us.
    Delicious. . .

  • Jeff

    One error Kerry appears to make is to assume that McCain will be the “leader” of the Congressional Republicans, rather than being relegated to the ashheap or history, which appears to be more likely…

  • Obama To Do List – 2009
    1. Find a replacement for Sen. Kerrey.

  • dr. doctrine

    The President should hold a meeting without preconditions? Someone hasn’t been paying attention to the GOP talking points. Most game show hosts have more smarts, moxie, and understanding of reality than Bob Kerrey. A stooge, but which one? I’d say Larry Fine or Shemp Howard. Lieberman can be Curly Howard. But, those roles could be reversed without loss of continuity. Let’s throw Zell Miller in as Moe Howard …

  • tomeck

    After this loss, Republican Senators (what’s left of them) won’t be willing to follow McCain to the cafeteria for lunch. And you’ll see Palin, Huckleberry and Romney all starting to gear up for 2012.
    A poll out today says McCain is trailing Janet Napolitano for senator in 2010.
    So what exactly would be the point of Obama making a deal with McCain?

  • T. Paine

    rea got there first, but I tend to ignore the advice of admitted war criminals, especially when that advice appeals to morality for its justification.
    Maybe if Obama stabbed a few civilians Kerrey and McCain would take him seriously…

  • bdub

    I am from Omaha, so I have followed Kerrey’s career since I was old enough to follow politics.
    He has always been a bastard.

  • DelRPCV

    Forget the New School. What did Debra Winger ever see in this schmuck?

  • RobertDSC

    Thank you for the Godfather reference. Much appreciated.

  • burritoboy

    While Obama is nearly always gracious and polite, it doesn’t appear that he likes to waste time or engage much in bullshit…… I mean, he’s certainly going to treat McCain as the Senator McCain remains, but it’s unclear why he would regard McCain as any sort of particularly important power broker beyond that role. McCain just won’t deserve any particular energy (even to engage in Godfather satire) on Obama’s part after his loss.

  • Boy, reading that made me feel stupider…I think because it made me suspect Kerrey..of… well, virtually everything.
    Is Kerrey afraid Obama might get stuff done and want him to govern by committee? I notice Kerrey hasn’t installed McCain as coruler at the New School, I think rightly…
    Maybe he thinks Obama’s just a young punk, too inexperienced to be up to the job, and clearly needing some, er, help, of course from the truly experienced folk, including Kerrey’s close buddy, maybe even including some help from one Kerrey, of course, strictly in organizing things, since it was his idea….

  • The Fool

    Does anybody give a shit what a weasel like Bob Kerrey thinks?

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