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Whoa–this would be something if it happens. My initial impulse was to say that this is making Boston’s season look all the more 2005ish, but it’s not that bad. It helps the Red Sox in the future because Ramirez was pretty clearly gone after this year anyway, and when you factor in defense Bay’s probably not actually much worse. A lot depends on Bay’s defense, which his hard to read; his numbers are all over the place. If he does the job in the field, it could work out well even this year.

It’s also an interesting move by Florida, who seem to be doubling down: having an good offensive team with poor defense, they’ve added…a world-class hitting butcher. Their lineup becomes pretty fierce, although Manny playing a left field of that size is pretty frightening.

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  • infrequency

    Don’t forget that there are prospects involved, all yet TBD. Apparently, if the Pirates get too greedy, the BoSox may just do Manny for Jeremy Hermida — and, I assume, announce that they’ve given up on 2008. All this mlbtraderumors.com, for whatever it’s worth.

  • UGh, that would be awful; not only would the Sox be giving up tons of runs Hermeida’s no great shakes defensively either.

  • drip

    The Yankees get Pudge to get an actual big league first string catcher lose Hawkins and get somethng for him and you’re worried about the Sox?

  • JRoth

    Bay is very sound defensively; his only flaw is his arm, which is weak but at least accurate – other teams run fairly aggressively on it, and he gets his share of assists. Recall that PNC’s left field is vast*, so the fact that he’s able to handle it is a big credit to him; at Fenway, he’ll be able to get to everything.
    As for offense, I have trouble seeing an argument that Manny is measurably better for the rest of ’08, unless you assume some sort of intangibles. OPS+ of 135 (Bay) vs 140, neutralized runs created of 124 (Bay) vs 107. Plus, Bay is an everyday LF, so he doesn’t take any DH starts (31 for Manny so far!) away from Papi or anyone else.
    * The Bucs’ lone top-notch prospect is a natural CF, as is McLouth, but they’re sure to play them in CF and LF long-term. Most corner OFs would struggle at PNC’s left field.

  • With about aa half an hour left before the deadline it looks like the deal is dead. However, if the Rays get Bay Sox fans just may have a new team hate.

  • It’s official.

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