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Potemkin PUMAs?


Amanda finds that the founder of the PUMA PAC’s entire history of political contributions consists of…a $500 donation to John McCain. But I’m sure she’s rally a die-hard Clinton supporter with strong progressive beliefs!

Of course, I’m sure in addition to the inevitable Republican operatives there are PUMAs who are idiots, political nihilists, and take-your-ball-and-go-home narcissists (and there’s certainly considerable overlap between these categories.) Perhaps the more important point is that assertions that a significant number of feminists who believe that the productive reaction to sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton is to put John McCain in the White House have a distinct tendency to be unburdened by examples of people with any demonstrable history of commitment to progressive feminism. I’m sure there are some minute number of actual progressive feminists who would rather see McCain in the White House — this is America, you can find people who pay to see Uwe Boll movies — but there’s no movement that will have any effect on the election here.

As a side point, I continue to believe that claims that women are “held hostage by the [Democratic] party by their reproductive organs” really need to identify any issue on which the Republican Party advances policy positions that are better for women. Reproductive freedom is important, but it’s far from the only difference between the parties that’s relevant to women.

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