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Love Is Always Scarpering, or Cowering, or Fawning–You Drink Yourself Insensitive and Hate Yourself in the Morning

[ 0 ] September 28, 2005 |

Looking for a nice, hackish response to the DeLay indictments, I turned to Powerline, who certainly didn’t disappoint. First, Assrocket repeats the completely false claim that Ronnie Earle is a “partisan hack.” Then he prints some DeLay speeches and press releases verbatim, rather than trying to put them into his own words as usual. And then, the punchline: “The Bush administration should take a lesson from DeLay’s aggressive self-defense.” Yes, if there’s any problem the Bush administration has, it’s their constant tendency to admit that they’re wrong while refraining from criticizing their political opponents.

But you kind of have to feel sorry for him, and not only because nobody could be such a bootlicking hack and maintain an ounce of self-respect. After all, if Earle hadn’t shot poor DeLay, Assrocket could’ve had him for his wife…