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In addition to the issue of Sunday news shows continuing to treat Saint McMaverick as if he were still relevant to anything, this shouldn’t go without emphasis: Both Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Diane Feinstein (D-Calif) emphasized on Face the Nation this morning that the Attorney General’s new probe into the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation […]

Primary DiFi

On July 13, 2009

A superb idea. As Chait says. primary campaigns against senators in red and violet could backfire, although in the context of the kind of opportunity for progressive lawmaking that happens once every

The Lodi Lieberman

On November 10, 2007

Dianne Fienstein (Senator Desperately In Need Of A Primary Challenge-CA) supports immunizing companies who acted illegally by violating the privacy of their customers. It would be holding companies &#

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