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Are You Ready?


Best to watch this with the sound off:

An Australian friend posted this with an “only in America” rhetorical smirk, and dated it to 1989 (when Hank Williams Jr. was first allowed to ruin Monday Night Football). That’s clearly wrong; Williams recorded a variety of different versions, and from the special effects alone this one seems to be from the 1990s. But it’s more than that; the kind of militarism on parade here would have felt very out of place in 1989, which I think positions this as a post-1990 (either Gulf War or shortly thereafter) artifact. I’ve never given much thought as to how Desert Storm shifted US public attitudes on military action, but if I’m dating this correctly it would seem to have had a significant impact.

Can anyone figure out the timeline? It’s from the Frank-Dan-Al era of MNF, so before 1998. Also, blowing up national monuments has gone rather out of style…

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