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B-52s for Israel, Because Why Not?


This asinine little proposal apparently appeals to one of the finest minds in the land:

Congress could augment Israel’s capacity to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities by passing legislation that would sell Israel 30,000-pound Massive Ordinance Penetrators (MOPs)—bunker-busters that can penetrate 200 feet below ground—as well as spare B-52s, currently unused by the U.S. Air Force, to deliver them. This would boost our leverage with Iran, send a strong signal of support for Israel, and improve the chances for a successful Israeli strike if that proves necessary.

What I wrote here and here still applies. The proposal to send B-52s to Israel is abject idiocy. Anyone with professional knowledge of airpower understands this. It is dreadfully irresponsible for a senior USAF commander (even one in retirement) to say things about his area of professional expertise that he knows to be untrue, simply in an effort to “move the debate.”

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