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Inherently Unprofessional?


Well, this is just plain stupid:

Is blogging inherently unprofessional?  Some people seem to think so, perhaps because they read my stuff, but there are plenty of bloggers far more professional than I.  As a member of the International Studies Association’s Governing Council, I received the agenda today for this year’s meeting.  I am on the council this year as I am the President of the Foreign Policy Analysis section, so this is my one year to hang out with the ISA muckety-mucks.  Anyhow, I was surprised to find a proposal that would force those who are involved in the editing of any of the various ISA journals to cease blogging.  Why?  Because it seems to be the case that blogging is inherently unprofessional.  Read the proposal below and then read my take on this proposal:

Read the rest, etc.  It’s depressing that there are still corners of the discipline which take this attitude towards public fora participation, and it’s even more depressing that these corners still have access to levers of influence.

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