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From the “Is He Still Alive?” File


Andrew Gelman:

Kaus is still blogging, not at Slate anymore but at Tucker Carlson’s house. Same old stuff: from the most recent entries, we have “Obama blew it” . . . “Obamacare” . . . “The more voters see of Obama, the more he drops in the polls” . . . “cocooning” . . . “digital hipsters” . . . “Ethnicity Police” . . . “John Edwards” . . . “Hollywood Liberalism” . . . the usual. (Sort of like my blog: I just cycle through the words Bayes, multilevel, rationality, voting, and Tucker Carlson.)

What happened? I blog as an extension of my real job. But is blogging [sic] all that Kaus does? I’m really surprised he didn’t write that book (and I assume he has the connections so that, if he did write the book, he could’ve found a publisher). I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a partisan journalist—-there’s a long and esteemed tradition of this sort of thing—-I’m just surprised Kaus isn’t doing something else. Standing in a trench throwing grenades, that’s gotta get boring after awhile.

It’s hard to say, but I suspect that even the Daily Caller is capable of eventually reaching the conclusion that Kaus is a waste of space.

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