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Why Did We Start Blogging?


Last week I did a brief interview with Newstex (they aggregate our content in some fashion), in which they asked me a lot of questions about blogging:

This, along with the Meet and Greet, reinforced the sense of how grateful we at LGM are to all who take time out of their day to read the blog, and to comment (in whatever fashion) on our rantings and ravings. We certainly never expected the level of success that we’ve found, and we’re altogether happy that the enterprise has lasted this long and seems to have a relatively bright future.

Regarding the comments, volume has clearly outgrown our willingness to devote time and resources to careful management and moderation. This isn’t to say that we don’t make (sometimes dramatic) interventions, but these interventions are a poor substitute for the concerted care that we’re unable and unwilling to provide. If I can offer a few words of advice: Try not to escalate, try not to drag in too much baggage from yesterday’s fight, try to argue the subject rather than the person, and every now and then accept that it’s okay for somebody to be wrong on the internet. Perhaps most important of all, recognize that abandoning a flame war doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve lost; indeed, it’s exceedingly likely that whatever you do with the time you’d have spent developing ever more biting rejoinders will be more productive than the flame war itself.

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