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A Few More Links on Libya


Some Libya links:

  • USAF assets include F-16C, F-15E, and B-2.  No F-22s.  There was some excitement on the part of Air Force types regarding the use of the F-22 to enforce the no fly zone, but may not be in the cards.  Yet another conflict where the F-22 is too advanced for its own good…
  • Map of airstrikes and areas of fighting.
  • General list of Western assets around Libya.  Although many of the sorties have thus far been flown from Italy, carrier aviation will probably get a boost from this effort.  I suspect that the F-35B is probably looking better to a few navies right now, as the F-35B turns a flat deck amphib into a potential strike carrier.
  • The air supremacy part of the campaign either wasn’t explained to the Arab League, or they’d prefer to run for cover.  I’d have to guess column B.
  • All of this is good for the Navy and the Air Force. I’m actually more curious about how this will play out in the UK than in the US.
  • Daniel Serwer asks and answers his own question regarding where military action should stop.  The problem, of course, is that Gaddafi’s exit doesn’t prevent a “half-baked result that burdens us for years to come” any more than Saddam Hussein’s exit did.
  • French war aims accomplished by the fact of French apparent leadership?
  • CDRSalamander has the maritime assets, plus some additional strategic thoughts.
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