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Fantasy Baseball Turns 30


Cockcroft and Ravitz have a nice little article on the 30th anniversary of the first fantasy baseball league. The highlight of the story is the discussion of the best fantasy pitchers and hitters from each year, as well as the important rookie performances.

My own introduction to fantasy baseball came in 1999, when I accidentally used my first round draft pick (my very first fantasy pick ever) on Alex Gonzalez (no, the other one). One can never leave such an error behind; at every auction or draft since 1999, some joker sees fit to remind me of the choice. The bitterest pill is that Gonzalez was having by far his best offensive season until he went down with a season ending injury in May. At the time, everyone thought that I was trying to pick either Juan Gonzalez or Alex Rodriguez, but the source of my confusion was somewhat different. In pre-emptive solidarity with a non-trivial contingent of Floridian senior citizens, I simply filled in the wrong bubble. In the alphabetical ranking of AL shortstops in 1999, Gonzalez immediately preceded one Derek S. Jeter…

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