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I can do, you can do it, but not the kids in Iraq. . .


Each and every day during my morning electronic stroll, I check in at icasualties.org, a service that compiles its data from DoD reports, to see how many Americans the adventure in Iraq has killed thus far. You can do it, too, unless you happen to be in Iraq. But, hey, we should censor bad news from the Iraqis, right? We were right to shut down Al Jazeera, because they were supporting the terrorists, right? No, but that’s a discussion for another day. AMERICANS in Iraq cannot read icasualties.org, because the military servers have blocked it and simlar websites out:

I assumed this wasn’t policy, but rather an overzealous sys-admin with too much time on his hands. I was wrong. Two Army spokespeople have now explained to me that it is indeed the Army’s intention to purposely block service-members from viewing non-Pentagon casualty sites.

So, in the service of freedom and democracy, we are now censoring the information available to a)Iraqis, who are supposed to benefit from all this, and b)American soldiers, who are dying, much like the Iraqis, without getting much benefit at all.


Via Political Animal.

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