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Revolving Door

In Robert Farley
On January 12, 2011
In my latest WPR column, I try to think through specifically who gets hurt by the migration of retired generals and admirals into the defense industry: For a variety of reasons, traditional defense suppliers have huge advantages over newcomers, even when the technologies in question are non-traditional, because they already have an understanding of DOD […]
First off, let me recommend some reading on a couple of defense issues. Galrahn has an excellent post (really, the latest of a long, long series of excellent posts) on the dual Littoral Combat Ship buy. See also UltimaRatioReg who, with typically purple prose, raises legitimate questions about the point of the LCS. Then, see […]
This article, about Pakistan’s preference for F-16s is pretty interesting: Pakistanis are fascinated, if not obsessed, with F-16 fighter jets. It is the best fighting aircraft in the fleet of the Pakistan air force, allowed to be flown by only the country’s best pilots. Video of F-16 fighter aircraft roaring through the skies figures prominently […]
Davida Isaacs and I have an article at TAPPED on Iron Man 2 and defense contracting: Explosions, tattoos, and Scarlett Johansson notwithstanding, the disputes between Tony Stark and his antagonists revolve around ownership of the rights to the Iron Man technology. Iron Man 2 is the most expensive movie ever made about an intellectual property […]
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