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[ 254 ] January 25, 2014 |

I have no idea whether this is real, but it most certainly is awesome.  Posted by permission of author, who “would also love to discuss Benghazi” with me:

My Father, who was an Aide to Hap Arnold, when the Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force, and retired as a Brigidier [sic] General, is also turning in his grave. You know, if our United States Air Force is really unnecessary, why do they have such a marvelous and prestigious military academy up in Boulder, Colorado, that trains superb leaders and combat veterans?

Most importantly, who would provide all of that free transportation for the Purple Lipped Muslim  Bastard and his family and friends? Come on, Mr. Farley, get your “wronghead” out of your ass!

PLMB has almost destroyed NASA, our Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and now you idiots are taking aim at yet another agency of one of the few Departments (DOD) that makes any sense and has any record of success and productivity in this corrupt and self-serving government of ours!

Mr. Farley, I’m not even going to recognize your Asst. Professorship, nor your PhD, as, from the picture on your UKY website with Admiral “Candy-Ass” Mullen, former worst Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff this country has ever had, you seem to fall into the category of an academian, who has a propensity to hob-nob with more idiots and Obama sycophants, and shares their Progressive and anti-American beliefs.

Shame on you for trying to destroy the country that has given you all that you have!

Joseph K. Shook

Admiral, Texas Navy


With respect, I believe that the United States Air Force Academy is actually near Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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  1. N__B says:

    Boulder, of course, is where the good guys hang out in the documentary The Stand.

  2. Philip says:

    I think this:

    one of the few Departments (DOD) that makes any sense and has any record of success and productivity in this corrupt and self-serving government of ours!

    is my favorite. Corruption has never happened in the military, of course.

  3. Scott S. says:

    Texas Navy? Some schmuck’s got a fishing boat on Lake Austin.

  4. MAJeff says:

    I believe the appropriate response to this is, “Cracker, please.”

  5. DestructoBeam says:

    he doesn’t recognize you as a professor. not even a little bit.

  6. sylvainsylvain says:

    Excellent trolling

  7. Malaclypse says:

    He has a twitter feed, with a graphic that is not at all an endorsement of Texas committing treason a third time.

    • Texas says:

      We’re once


      Three times…for slavery!

    • McAllen says:

      And desecrating the American flag, to boot!

    • Sly says:

      He loves America so much that he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore, but something tells me it isn’t in a Ray Price “For the Good Times” sort of way.

    • Warren Terra says:

      I’m confused: why is a missile submarine veteran training helicopter pilots? My knowledge of military equipment is limited, but I’d have thought underwater and hovering in the air were mutually exclusive and used different skill sets.

      Also: as a veteran who served in missile subs, her presumably has earned some rank in the real navy, something to be honored for. So why is he such a proud comic-opera commodore?

      • Cheap Wino says:

        He’s an Admiral in the Texas Navy fightin’ wannabees. An Admiral! He always wanted to be an Admiral, to be sure. Plus, just ask him, he was always smarter and better than all the COs he was taking orders from in the real navy anyway.

      • Mike G says:

        He polished up the handle so carefully
        That now he is an Admiral in the Tex Navy

      • Joseph K. Shook says:

        Did you also serve? If so, you may have known other Shipmates, who, in their time ashore, like myself and other of my crew members, enjoyed flying not only radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters, but the actual private aircraft as well.

        • oldster says:

          Guys, guys: fun is fun, but I do *not* approve of stealing this real guy’s real name to make parody comments.

          You know, this Shook guy *is* a real human being somewhere, right? Maybe he is a racist buffoon, but you still should not steal his name. Posting under his name, just to say things that will embarrass him, is not at all cool.

          I mean, even this Shook guy, the pretend Admiral, would not be so silly as to compare military service to flying RC airplanes.

          So quit the spoofing, or at least don’t use his name. That’s just not right.

      • M. Jamison says:

        And his name tag in the picture is for Keller-Williams, a real estate brokerage.

    • efgoldman says:

      From his Tweetness:

      Are you at all familiar with the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG)/ It’s been altered a lot, too! GBA

      Yeah I bet it’s been altered! Because if he keeps this shit up, he’s going to get them on his case. Just sayin’.
      This assclown needs to go into the grift business with the other assclown, Nugent.

      • aimai says:

        That twitter stream pretty much demonstrates where he gets all his information, and his utter, childlike, credulity. If I were a meaner person I’d have harvested twits like this to market gold buggery, anti vaxx, air filtration systems, prepper shit, MREs for doomsday scenarios, off shore tax havens, fake “permanent” airline tickets and resettlement plans for Costa Rica, and pretty much anything else you could offer a near senile right wing asshole to strip his bank account. But I’m pretty sure that Newsmax and the NRO advertisers already have that market covered. They are going to strip and roll this guy right down to his underwear and leave him and his lovely new bride shorn to the harsh winds of reality. Then he’ll come begging to the dems to save his social security and medicare while still cursing them.

  8. Sue C says:

    From LinkedIn, in his Groups and Associations category: Cavalla Historical Foundation Admiral. Otherwise, he’s a computer tech, retired, from Boeing, who has reactivated his real estate license.

  9. oldster says:

    Just curious whether he thinks that the PLMB destroyed NASA, or the NSA.

    I mean, what has my president done to NASA, offhand?

    • Eli Rabett says:

      Took away JSCs favorite toy to be

    • Warren Terra says:

      Don’t you remember the Republican ’12 primary debates in Florida? A bunch of old white guys have decided that the only part of our budget cuts that’s problematic is the end of the Shuttle program and the possibility that Obama might not be as dedicated to manned spaceflight (or, as I call it, the tinned monkey project) as his predecessors. Never mind all the other cuts to science and engineering, and never mind that the Opportunity rover is still publishing in Science ten years into its three-month mission …

      • BigHank53 says:

        Track down a copy of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report (available as .pdf) and read the history of the Shuttle program. The Air Force insisted on large wings for in-atmosphere maneuverability, flew two missions with it and walked away, leaving NASA with reduced payload capacity. The main engines were intended to live on a piloted, recoverable first stage, which they couldn’t afford to develop, so they got moved to the orbiter and they made up the difference with Morton-Thiokol’s solid rocket boosters.

    • Some Guy says:

      I assume he thinks the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle program, something that’s been on the docket for, oh, 20 years, is the PLMB’s doing. No doubt PLMB struck from the shadows to strike down the vibrant Space Shuttle Program, with nothing but decades of glorious future missions ahead of it.
      As PLMBs are want to do.

  10. Woodrowfan says:

    the Purple Lipped Muslim Bastard and his family and friends

    Nope, no racism there, no sir. Pathetic.

    • Barry Freed says:

      I had to do a double take on that one. WTF?

      • Woodrowfan says:

        It’s a contrast with white peoples’ “pink” lips. “Purple lips” is usually paired with n****r and a quick Google search seems to indicate that it’s a favorite of racist sites. The letter writer is truly a class act.

        • witless chum says:

          I knew I didn’t get it, but I also knew I was just as well that way.

        • Ann Outhouse says:

          At first I thought he was talking about Sidney Crosby, but then I remembered that Crosy’s not Muslim.

        • Joseph K. Shook says:

          You are the one who has made that comparison, not I!
          I have merely stated what I see in photographs, that the person in point does have very purple appearing lips. As to the other portions of the “label,” people of the Muslim faith consider anyone born to one or both parents who are Muslim to be a Muslim. It’s called “paternal descendency.” Something they cannot deny or casually walk away from without becoming what is a considered either an apostate or an infidel themselves. As for the “bastard” part, BHO was conceived out of wedlock, which is many peoples’ views classifies him as being an illegitimate child. QED

          • aimai says:

            You are a really sad, pathetic, person. And, as I stated upthread, beyond gullible. You really need to get out more but no doubt you are too terrified to do so.

          • sibusisodan says:

            Like aimai says, yer just daft.

            You took an oath to obey the lawful orders of the President, and you’re happy to disrespect that Office when you don’t like the office-holder?

            Grow up.

          • Warren Terra says:

            A few things for clarification:
            1) obsessing about someone else’s skin color is practically the definition of racist behavior, especially when that skin color is common among people of the same ethnic or cultural identity as the object of your obsession (as opposed to bizarre lifestyle choices, like the orange people who’ve overdone the permatan).
            2) I think you’ll find that descent through either parent is not in fact “paternal descendancy”.
            3) In a free society, people get to make many decisions about their own identities. Obama has never identified himself as a Muslim and never practiced Islam, so it’s silly to call him a Muslim because of some religious theories about his grandfather. Or, rather, it’s not silly; it’s an offensive bit of othering, and is normally considered a sign of racist intent. Why do you care that some people you’ve never met might consider another person you’ve never met to be a Muslim, or an apostate?
            4) The formal definition of “bastard” is in fact a child born out of wedlock, not conceived out of wedlock. One useful colloquial definition of “bastard” is “someone who takes an inappropriate and unseemly interest in someone else’s parentage”.

            • aimai says:

              I have always considered the line of talk that the right wing spins about this–this weird fixation on the idea that islam is, in some sense, inheritable, to be so very, very, very, unchristian. The first thing normal, educated, people know about Christianity is that it thinks of itself as a converting religion–that it begins with the conversion of pagans and jews to itself. That this is its basic understanding of the relationship of the divine to the individual: that it is freely chosen, that it happens after birth (through voluntary baptism in the case of baptists, after birth with the god father standing in for the baby’s choice in the case of various forms of catholic). That it is definitely *not* passed from parent to child except in a cultural sense.

              Every first christian was a convert. Every.Single.One. The apostles set out to convert the world–that’s what the “good news” is, that’s what evangalization is.

              So this continued blathering and whining about what Islam thinks, or doesn’t think, about the ultimate status of President Obama, a man who was raised by his Christian Grandparents and who voluntarily joined the Christian Church, was married in the church, attends church, had his children baptized in the church, is just bizarre to me. Its the literal definition of unchristian.

              Even funnier, of course, Mr. “I don’t care for pointy headed intellectuals” is referring for authority on a matter of anthropological and theologicla fact to a subset of fake academics and “students” of the matter. Its like going to a faith healer to have your tooth pulled.

              Dear Mr. Shook: the world is full of people who have better credentials and more understanding that Glenn Beck does about religious practice, ideology, and identity. Really. You could find a lot of them in Universities. They often hold Ph.ds in their chosen subject. You should look for them. Then you wouldn’t run the risk of making an absolute fool of yourself in public.

              • Lee Rudolph says:

                I have always considered the line of talk that the right wing spins about this–this weird fixation on the idea that islam is, in some sense, inheritable, to be so very, very, very, unchristian.

                It seems to be some kind of hybrid of the One-Drop Rule with a deeply misunderstood notion of the doctrine of Original Sin.

                On the other hand, if he hangs about here much, I’m sure he’ll have his own road-to-Damascus moment, and begin contributing interesting anecdotes about opossums—perhaps opossums on a helicopter! Or football: I believe Texans are very devoted to football.

                • aimai says:

                  Not to mention that Jesus Christ was also, rather famously, a technical bastard of his biological father, born in someone else’s marriage.

                  These people never cease to amaze me, even though I’m quite familiar with this kind of hate speech since I read slactivist’s analysis of it quite frequently. They prefer a useful, ugly, lie about a political and cultural enemy to the truth because the truth makes them uncomfortable or doesn’t give them enough power over the debate. And their weakness, as they see it, excuses everything and anything. And they aren’t even ashamed of themselves. It falls to outsiders familiar with their theology to feel the shame. When I read this racist, anti-christian, bigoted, ignorant crap I feel the same sense of shame that anyone would when they see a fellow human being voluntarily degrade himself, like a meth addict who sells his own children. Because that is what is embedded in this stuff. Mr. Shook and his friends, for a little trivial political advantage with weak minded people, traduce everything, even their own supposed religious tradition.

                • Vance Maverick says:

                  I wonder if it draws some strength too from traditions of anti-Semitism. One of the few things insular WASPs like me know about Judaism is its matrilineality — giving us a way to consider it a heritable otherness.

                • aimai says:

                  I like your point, VM, and I’d also direct some thought to traditions associated with Kremlinology (and also biblical hermeneutics and biblical literalism*) This is also very closely associated with attempts to discern, from the outside, histories of “manchurian candidates” and “sleeper cells.” When you read a lot of this stuff, going all the way back to John Birch’s newsletter which I once spent an afternoon reading, anti-semitism and anti communism are inextricably linked, with extreme anxiety about deviant sexual behavior and secretive training sources, trained spies, sleeper cells, etc..etc..etc… This just throws onto the generic notion “muslim” all the hate and anxiety that they used to throw on commie spies and the jew.
                  *What I mean is that the argument is, basically, Obama can’t be one of us so everything is proof that he is this other thing, malevolent and hidden but not from the discerning eye.” Then every image of the President, and every statement gets read through that scrim, as a holy text of traitorism, with even the poor guy’s lips and ears marking him as Cain (as it were.) For fun I read a lot of this crap and the part that reads like crazy, paranoid, delusional, biblical literalism is really quite striking.

                • herr doktor bimler says:

                  opossums on a helicopter

                  I believe you mean “These motherfuckin’ opossums on this motherfuckin’ helicopter”.

          • Hogan says:

            I have merely stated what I see in photographs, that the person in point does have very purple appearing lips.

            He also has brown eyes, large ears and a flat nose. But your rigorously objective scrutiny of his appearance just happened to pick out the one feature that racists everywhere like to harp on. Funny old world, innit?

          • g says:

            Deluded, disgusting and demented. Not a good thing to go through life as, son.

          • Texas says:

            “Admiral” cracker, please.

          • Halloween Jack says:

            Careful with the “based on appearances” line of thought, ace; based on yours, I’d guess that your family tree doesn’t have any branches.

          • Tristan says:

            are you a boomer w/zip

  11. trollhattan says:

    “PLMB”? Where have I been that I have not encountered this before? My Wingnut glossary is sadly out of date.

    Evidently the “Texas Navy” never subscribed to the whole “respect the office” meme so often repeated during the GWB administration.

    Oh, and Texas? Our Navy can totally kick your navy’s ass, should you care to test the theory.

  12. Murc says:

    What always amuses me are all these people who think Farley thinks that we shouldn’t have, you know, a part of the military dedicated to making war in the air.

    I am reasonably sure that he in fact favors having a robust and effective air service of some sort, he just objects to it being a co-equal branch of the military, much the same way he’d object to, say, artillerists having their own branch.

  13. Barry Freed says:

    You know I half expected that missive to be sign off as “RICK VENEMA, COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA” but I don’t think he was nearly as bad as this racist asshole.

  14. Shakezula says:

    Daddy is turning in his grave but … PROJECTION TO THE RESCUE!

    It is corrupt purple-lipped unrecognizable Ph.Ds causing the upheaval in the cemetery. Daddy is perfectly happy with a son who couldn’t even get into Texas Air National Guard like that dipshit Bush. Now look at him, staggering around on some damn boat in some Goddamned Texas Yacht Club that they have the nerve to call a Navy. Shit. It’s enough to make a dead man cry.

    • Matt says:

      Something tells me “Daddy” would break his foot off in Mr. Shook’s ass if he saw him goose-stepping his way to teahadi rallies and promoting secession.

      • Shakezula says:

        Good point.

        This could also be the Teapublican habit of re-writing history to suit their own purposes in action. If you believe in Fundamentalist Thomas Jefferson and Anti-union Martin Luther King Jr., why not pro-secessionist Brigadier Generals?

  15. carolannie1949 says:

    We Boulderites would love to know where in our left wingnut town the Air Force Academy might be hiding.

    So then a rational person would conclude that the writer is full of hooey. Even an idiot couldn’t confuse Colorado Springs, the haven of all right wing thinking in Colorado, where street lights no longer are paid for with taxes but instead will be lit only if each individual pays for the one right wingly in front of their house, with Boulder, lovingly called the People’s Republic of Boulder where we have voted twice to build our own taxpayer owned utility company to provide solar powered street lights for all.

  16. NewHavenGuy says:

    Surprised this guy isn’t a Congressman in an ultra-safe Red district yet.

  17. Anna in PDX says:

    Wow. I share a last name with this tool. Bummer!

  18. somethingblue says:

    you seem to fall into the category of an academian

    Not even an academician. Suck on that, Farley.

  19. Crunchy Frog says:

    Well, except for the fact that Boulder is called “the People’s Republic of Boulder” and the Springs is called “the Fourth Reich” they are exactly the same. Well, except for the fact that housing is about 3x as expensive on a equivalent-house basis in Boulder.

    (I live within running distance of the AFA, FWIW.)

  20. caesaigh says:

    Kee-rist, the Freepers gwine ta eat this up.

    some akademic done gone and dee-sided to take on our sainted Admirals*! Time to enact the 2014 Protect Our Own air Forces That Everyone Respects (POOFTER) law!

    fucking hill-billy yellow-bellied slack-jawed inbred no-account shit-tards.

    (do they know admiral is an arabic word? No?)

  21. MickeyBitsko says:

    “… that trains … combat veterans?” Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Cadets aren’t combat vets.

    This guy is a either a liar, an idiot, or a hoaxer, though my money’s on all three.

  22. George Carlin says:

    Tell the admiral that Air Marshall Carlin says “Blow me!”

  23. Thlayli says:

    PS: I am not a crank.

  24. jkay says:

    When I read the Boomer Big Liar radically racist homophobic er, class, I knew all that could be true was the lowest parts – the racism, homophobia, plus being too yellow come close to serving, one of the five left whom love how Iraq went and still miss Shrub, the worst kind of stupid LOSER warmongery, the kill-your-troops without Shrub, aww…. You can tell from his insults, hatred of Mullen and having to make up what he claims.

    So ,he HAS to be a landlubber and have no connection with Arnold outsisde his drug supply imagination.
    So do you miss what Shrub did to how much you were worth in HIS fine market crisis? Not that I think he has the courage to answer,, anymore than he did serve in Iraq. .

  25. bspencer says:

    If it’s not signed
    I’m not interested.

  26. Mudge says:

    A spectacular missive, thanks for sharing. It may set a record for the most wrong (in all respects) in the smallest amount of space.

    On the issue of Air Force arrogance and stupidity, this article in Harper’s reinforces Farley’s position.

  27. Bob says:

    Why not have a fight to the death between the Texas Navy and the Confederate Air Force?

  28. Prodigal says:

    Guys like this make me look forward to the day we turn Texas blue even more than I already do.

  29. TapirBoy1 says:

    PLMB sounds like a delectably racist variant of the PBJ.

    As an aside Robert, Andrew Cockburn had an interesting piece in Harper’s in favor of keeping the A-10 Warthog, on the grounds that it is a more precise way of avoiding civilian casualties than the B-2 bomber. The USAF is set to scrap it. Any thoughts?

    • Major Kong says:

      The two aircraft perform totally different missions.

      Everybody loves the A-10, but it’s an aircraft designed for a specific purpose that it does very well.

      The A-10 is designed to operate close to friendly forces in a fairly low threat air environment. That’s why it’s called “close” air support.

      Trying to do interdiction (going into enemy territory) with A-10s would be suicidal. They’d be chewed to pieces by interceptors and what was left would be finished off by SAMs, probably before they ever got to the target.

      The A-10 is great at its intended mission but it’s not some wonder-weapon. In Desert Storm they did very well, right up until they ran into the Republican Guards who had better air defenses.

      • Mudge says:

        The Air Force faces a macho/automation issue. Rockets and drones can perform most if not all long range missions. The cost of pilot protection is massive and not economical, but pilots are macho,the Air Force is macho and it argues in the face of reality that piloted bombers are needed. On the other hand support of ground troops by air support is more important than ever but it, along with air transport (also a big issue that the Air Force has no interest in)requires coordination with, need I say, ground troops. Pilot safety in such situations is important, because the pilot is actually important to the mission. As such, the A-10 would be most efficiently under the control of the Army.

        Obviously any loose talk about a non-insurgency war concerns Iran, but would it be one? Certainly the Air Force will argue they are needed to bomb them into submission. They have a poor record of that unless the explosives are named big and little boy.

        • BigHank53 says:

          The not-so-secret problem is that the path to generalship in the Air Force requires seat time in fighters. Not turning wrenches, not flying cargo aircraft, and certainly not piddling about blowing up tanks for those schmucks in the Army.

          They could solve the problem by giving the A-10 and all those boring transport airplanes to the Army, but that would leave them with fighters, bombers, and missile silos, and a lot more people would start asking why the hell we needed an Air Force.

          • Major Kong says:

            Not only time in fighters, but specifically the Air Force is run by F-15C air-to-air guys.

            I think the problem could be resolved by changing who we promote to lead the Air Force. That’s a political problem that could be solved via Congress and SecAF.

            Getting rid of the Air Force is, in my opinion, a rather drastic solution akin to prescribing decapitation for a head-cold.

            Your solution also assumes that Army generals aren’t idiots. They just happen to be a different brand of idiot than the ones running the Air Force.

        • Major Kong says:

          I beg to differ.

          Missiles still need to be launched from something and that something is generally a bomber. Bombers carry a lot of gas, can fly a long way, can loiter a long time and can carry a whole bunch of missiles.

          Bombers can also go after mobile targets. The B-2 was originally developed to take out mobile Soviet ICBMs. A missile can’t be re-targeted or recalled. Once launched it’s like a bullet fired from a gun.

          Yes, you could probably build a conventional ICBM that might do the job but launching ICBMs creates all sorts of problems with Russian and Chinese missile warning.

          In Desert Storm land-based and naval air decimated the Iraqi defenses prior to the Army getting into the fight.

          That’s why the Army and Marines took such relatively light losses.

          Close Air Support is an important mission but it’s not the only mission. Dedicated CAS aircraft can only operate in an environment of almost total air superiority. Those A-10s everybody loves won’t stick around long when the Fulcrums and Flankers show up to play.

      • TapirBoy1 says:

        That seems right, and I readily concede I know zilch about the topic at hand, which is why I’d be interested to hear Farley’s take. The concern Cockburn expressed in the piece is that the B-2 and eventually the F-35 will be inappropriately used for the admittedly few things that the Warthog is great at, and that these aircraft will do/are doing a poor job in a way that will cause blowback.

        To this lay reader whose aviation experience extends as far as economy class commercial jet travel and Midwestern air shows as a child, it was pretty compelling stuff.

        • Major Kong says:

          In a perfect world aircraft would all be specialized versus “Jack of all trades master of none”.

          Unfortunately modern aircraft are so expensive that we have to try to make them perform multiple jobs to get our money’s worth out of them.

    • AdamK says:

      Peanut butter, lettuce, mayo, bacon: my all-time favorite sandwich! (I never called it by its initials before, I just called it a peanut butter & bacon sandwich.)

  30. cpinva says:

    prof. Farley, you and your colleagues on this site do seem to attract a rather, um…….interesting type of correspondent. weird, and barely functionally illiterate, but interesting. I wonder if his co-workers, and the smarter members of his family, laugh at him behind his back, or directly to his face? hey, people want to know, dammit!

  31. Joseph K. Shook says:

    In response to all of you who correctly noted my error in referring to Boulder, CO, as the home of the USAF Academy, Boulderites included, please accept my apology for collapsing into the “Wendy Davis” mode of “misspeak!” I noticed that quite many of you have trouble with your grammar, spelling and typing abilities, also, so allow me to suggest you hone those skills before wasting too much time attacking others, especially those similar to myself, who could really care less about what you have to say, and even less about how or why you even think!

    • aimai says:

      Oh, you care, bully boy, you care. Why else are you stalking this thread? I might also add that the someone whose family is as unattractive as yours should really avoid commenting unfavorably on the appearance of the President of the United States, a man who is rather famously well known as being liked and admired for his looks, grace, and charm. We all get that traits associated with non white people are horrifying to you, personally, but you might grasp that they really aren’t to normal Americans–we voted that guy in twice, we live very happilly in a multi cultural world in which people have hair that is straight and curly, skin tones that range from very dark to very light, eyes of blue and of brown. Really–normal people don’t freak out and begin shrieking every time a black person appears on their tv. Normal people don’t wring their hands or begin weeping with fear when they see an political leader from a party-not-their-own appear on TV. Normal people can’t even figure out where you are coming from. I’m a happilly married white woman and I never really thought about any President’s lips. Really. Frankly, that little aside was beyond creepy. What a fixation to have. YOu might want to get some psychological help and counseling for it.

      • Ernest Pikeman says:

        I just want to applaud this comment and every other comment you’ve made in this thread. Even by your standards, nice work. A bit hotter than usual though, but it’s appropriate for the subject.

      • Julia Grey says:

        Well, I have to admit that I once or twice, in my secret heart, thought about how thin Bush’s lips were. But I kept my distaste to myself.

        Hey, what can I say? I’m a self-hating white woman.

    • Russiannavyblog says:

      You are adorable – Purple Lipped Muslim Bastard coinage and all! Never change, you fake admiral rascal you!

    • Shakezula says:

      I don’t buy it, not enough venom.

    • calling all toasters says:

      I’m so glad you apologized for the one statement in your post that wasn’t vile or insane, but merely incorrect. Now have a Thorazine and get to work on the rest.

    • sharculese says:

      How do you get to be so old and remain such a whiny fucking toddler? The world is not out to get you, no matter how much you need to blame your problems on other people.

    • trollhattan says:

      Will chime in only to note the Wendy Davis shot is a tell: they’re scared of Wendy Davis.

    • Surreal American says:

      …so allow me to suggest you hone those skills before wasting too much time attacking others, especially those similar to myself…

      You mean other fake-ass admirals?

    • M. Jamison says:

      Well sir, your grammar and spelling aren’t all that great either, (Brigidier anyone) or perhaps (quite many). And as to not caring what folks on this thread think the question arises as to why you would even bother to look, let alone participate in the thread.
      If you had a command knowledge of the Air Force it’s unlikely that you would make the Boulder-Colorado Springs mix up.
      I have to disagree with @aimai on whether your family is attractive or not, it really doesn’t matter although I have to wonder at the level of narcissism and sheer ego that went into putting up that wedding website.
      Dr. Farley’s book raises some genuine and useful policy questions while your e-mail is little more than flatulence that doesn’t belong in anything remotely resembling a thoughtful conversation.
      As to your earlier post defending your insidiously racist language, there really can be no defense for that kind of crap and trying to do so makes you a rapist of the language.
      Finally, why in God’s or Gamara’s name would you use a fake honorific in this sort of setting? Did you think it added to your credibility? Did you actually think your ignorant hate filled diatribe had any credibility?

      an actual Air Force veteran

    • ChrisTS says:


  32. Matt T. in New Orleans says:

    I missed this cat’s real name on the first read through because of the odd coloring and smart phone and, if I was honest, the lingering effects of today’s wake-and-bake. Thought “Texas Navy” was some sort of internet handle that only made sense to wingnuts. Like the Benghazi “scandal”, oddly enough.

  33. sibusisodan says:

    Leaving the non-germane silliness aside for a moment – is there anyone complaining about Dr Farley’s book who is actually responding to the argument made? I mean, abolishing the air force is hilariously not the same as abolishing military flight capabilities, is it?

  34. Roger Ailes says:

    Texas Navy.

    The 1964 Cotton Bowl Classic.

    Roger Stabauch got his ass kicked, if memory serves.

  35. e.a.f. says:

    Hope the man feels better now that he has “spewed” all of his “feelings” on to “paper”. They really might want to give some thought to teaching “critical thinking” in Texas and be thankful this guy isn’t in charge of too much.

    whatever happened to love your fellow man, or person. very angry guy. time to take a yoga class or something.

    In Canada we did away with all the various branches of the military and just have an Armed Forces. It saved a lot of money and its easier to ensure everybody knows whats going on.

    If the U.S.A. spent as much money on the country’s infrastructure, as they do on the military, the country might be a decent shape. it would even provide jobs, which don’t include having to learn how to kill people. Its not like the U.S.A. has to fight any wars. China already owns the U.S.A. so if there is a problem, let them take care of their investment. They do hold the majority of the American debts.

    • JazzBumpa says:

      They do hold the majority of the American debts.


      For your punishment, go get some data.

      • I had this same revelation a few weeks ago. Not that China “owned” the U.S. because of debt; I knew most of the debt of the U.S. was homegrown, more or less. However, it was sort of shocking to see that so little of it, relatively, is owed to China, something like six or seven percent. Japan is something like seven or eight percent. That stopped me for a moment.

  36. RickDFL says:

    This may have already been pointed out but his father could not be “an Aide to Hap Arnold, when the Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force” because that never happened. In 1941, under Arnold, the Army Air Corps became the Army Air Frorce, with greater autonomy, but still subordinate to the Army. Arnold retired in 1946 before the creation on an independent United States Air Force. It was Spaatz who commanded the Army Air Force when it became the independent US Air Force.

  37. Kamron says:

    I find this letter surprising and most heartening; I understood that there was a fierce inter-service rivalry between the Imaginary Armed Forces and the Actual Armed Forces. I suppose I thought that the esteemed leaders of those Imaginary Forces might take this rivalry so seriously as to eclipse their Imaginary Mission To Protect Real America and thus their support for the Actual Armed Forces.
    But the esteemed Imaginary Admiral has overcome these divisions, and taken to the ramparts in defense of his Actual brothers-in-arms. I can only hope that representatives of the Actual Armed Forces will reciprocate in the future, and not continue to refer to the Texas Navy as “a bunch of silly old farts playing dress-up” and worse.

    Also, I would like to note that I *desperately* hope that the Texas Navy has a dress uniform.

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