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The LGM mobile site is again having issues. The appropriate people have been notified, and are working on the problem.  Thanks for your patience.

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  1. c u n d gulag:

    The gerbil sprained a knee?
    The wheel busted a bearing?

  2. swearyanthony:

    Those damn bitter-enders at CT. When will they show some grace?

  3. Brandon C.:

    I was pretty confused when I tried to get on last night because I didn’t remember leaving porn open on my phone.

  4. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    Yeah, I remember sitting in the fambly room with hubby and baby having porn pop up on my phone. I was, like, WTF?

  5. mark f:

    I just thought it was yet another instance of the LGM crew serendipitously sharing one of my interests.

  6. arthur:

    It’s especially distracting when you you’re expecting to read a political argument, and a vagina pops up on your phone, while you’re driving.

  7. Balu:

    Assaulted by porn links and pop ups last night .

  8. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    They are thoughtful that way.

  9. Gozer:

    Ya get what ya pay for I s’pose.

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