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LGM Year in Review


Happy New Year! Stay safe!

2012 LGM in Numbers*:

Posts: 2723
Comments: 163,243
Visits: 3,934,352
Unique Visitors: 803,173
Pageviews: 7,459,130

Top Ten Posts of the Year:

  1. The Two American Flags (Loomis)
  2. Law School Applications are Collapsing (Campos)
  3. Oh, God (Noon)
  4. Obama’s the Only President Who’s Ever Bowed, Except for All the Others (Kaufman)
  5. Stupid or Lying: Wildly Overpaid Faculty Edition (Farley)
  6. The Radicalism (and Hackery) of the Health Care Cases Dissenters (Lemieux)
  7. I’ve Had Enough Of You Water-Drinking, Air-Breathing Urban Elitists (Lemieux)
  8. Third Party Nihilism: The Arguments Can Always Get Worse! (Lemieux)
  9. Keep Chuckin’ Those Facts! (Lemieux)
  10. White Man Date (Lemieux)

*All numbers according to either WordPress (posts, comments) or Google Analytics (all others)

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  • UberMitch

    A new year, a new set of head-sticks!

  • tonycpsu

    References to pancakes: approximately 122

    • Barry Freed

      I’m getting 123 now for that as well as 123 for “Walrus.” Something must be wrong with the Google algorithm.

      Happy New Year to the whole LGM community!

  • cpinva

    a happy & safe new year to you as well, mr. farley, and your gang of revolutionary, unkempt fellows.

    everytime i open this site, i almost immediately feel intellectually inadequate. i am forced to confront just how little i know, and how pathetic my own analytical abilities are, by comparison to the denizons who grace your humble cyber abode. that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Uncle Ebeneezer

    Thanks everyone here at LGM (posters and commentors) for another fun and edifying year.

  • Erik Loomis

    I win! Sort of. 1 out of 10?

    • Linnaeus

      Narrowly preventing Lemieux from being the SEC of LGM.

  • Warren Terra

    The odd thing is that the posts that had comment threads spiraling into the high hundreds over the course of days don’t make the list. I guess all those comments really were from a few people.

    • Murc

      I’m assuming that the top ten is in reference to page views, not comments.

      Although even that seems off. The number one post, for example, doesn’t have a lot of trackbacks on it. This place gets linked a lot by some of the 800lb gorillas of the blogging world; Sullivan, Kos, etc. And the Loomis freakout a few weeks ago seemed to bring in a lot of fresh faces. But the most-viewed post was the flag one? Really?

      • Robert Farley

        The flag post never got a huge bump, but got consistent traffic over the course of a couple months from a variety of sources. It was number one by a country mile.

  • Wow! That is quite a bit for just one year. My blog in the course of over eight years total has the following much smaller stats.

    Posts – 1,896
    Comments – 2,136
    Page views – 94,081

    • wengler

      Needs more Ghana and leftist bashing.

      • There is no Ghana bashing on my blog.

        • wengler

          Needs more Ghana, and leftist-bashing.

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