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Maybe Shoulda Thought NFL Maybe…

[ 32 ] September 15, 2012 |

It’s always sad hilarious to watch a young man’s Heisman and National Championship aspirations vanish in so much smoke. The narrative for November 3 just became: “Can USC derail Oregon’s national title hopes?”

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  1. shah8 says:

    Meanwhile, Geno Smith is minting money and storing it in a mineshaft, somewheres.

  2. Decrease Mather says:

    And the answer to your question will probably be yes.

    • efgoldman says:

      Since I always root for underdogs, and against the SEC, the USC-Stanford game and VATech-Pittsburgh pleased me no end. The rest of the day, not so much. USC’s loss clears the way for $&%$^%#@#@ Alabama, already.

  3. Pinko Punko says:

    Did you see that Oregon recruit who ran for a million yards and hundreds of TDs in one game?

  4. losgatosca says:

    Personally, my rule is to save the gloating until after you win.

    But that’s just me. And I hate USC. And, I still think the greatest-editorial-cartoon-ever appeared in the Stanford Daily spoofing John McKay’s statement that he would love to beat Stanford 2000-0.

    Anyway, I don’t see Oregon or any PAC 12 team beating any representative from the SEC in any meaningful BCS bowl game. But that’s just an assessment, not a hope.

    • Pseudonym says:

      The West will rise again. One of these days.

    • mpowell says:

      Sadly, for the Oregon fans on this board, Oregon will probably never beat an SEC team in a BCS game. Oregon does not have the necessary features as a program to ever be good enough. USC is the only PAC-10 team that can realistically be that good. But I don’t think many people around here are rooting for that to happen. Watching the expression on Lane Kiffin’s face during his loss last night did not give me any confidence that he was the answer for USC anyhow.

      • losgatosca says:

        When they ran Blount out of the program they showed they didn’t have the right approach to the criminal element – as defined by Alan Pinkett.

        Without convicts it’s tough to be an elite college football program like Nebraska, Oklahoma, Florida State, Florida, Cincinnati Bengals.

  5. efgoldman says:

    I don’t see Oregon or any PAC 12 team beating any representative from the SEC in any meaningful BCS bowl game.

    ‘Fraid you’re right, but a man can hope. I just hope enough of the conference beats on each other so there’s no undefeated team.

    • Sherri says:

      Not sure there’s anyone in the SEC who can touch Alabama this year. Maybe LSU. They don’t have to play Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina until the SEC Championship game.

  6. hickes01 says:

    I don’t have anything against Barkley, but I HATE the Bride of Chuckie (Lane Kiffin) and he’s from my hometown.

    • efgoldman says:

      I don’t have a dog in any of these fights. My school dropped football in the 90s.

      Also: Brigham Young really sucks. They’re getting beat-to-shit (on the field, not on the scoreboard) by a mediocre Utah team.

      And: Stanford won despite incurring a Raider-like number of penalties. Are the vibes leaking across the bay?

      • efgoldman says:

        Brigham Young really sucks.

        And those nice Mormon boys are committing an unconscionable number of personal fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties.

      • Fighting Words says:

        No, the bad Raider vibes affected Cal’s special teams/kicking team today.

        And hey, as bad as Utah is, at least they are better than Colorado. I mean, I didn’t even know Sacramento State had a football team.

        • Pinko Punko says:

          Utah was one win against CU last year from going to the Pac12 title game- and they blew it. I wish they wouldn’t blow it. I’ll always have the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Nobody can take that away.

      • Pinko Punko says:

        Now now. Utah is mediocre+ this year. Utah State was a few yards from beating Wisconsin in Wisconsin tonight.

        Plus, did you see the end of the game?

      • Bill Murray says:

        I thought the Pac-10/12 brought Utah because of their proven ability to beat Alabama and win Bowl Games. Sure their starting QB is hurt again, just like every year he has played, but they are used to it now.

  7. James E. Powell says:

    Consider that had Barkley been in the 2012 draft, there is a pretty good chance he’d be a Cleveland Brown. Maybe he knows what he is doing.

    • efgoldman says:

      Consider that had Barkley been in the 2012 draft, there is a pretty good chance he’d be a Cleveland Brown.

      Well, wherever he eventually goes, its going to be a shitty team.
      I think what we really saw, is how important an All-America and likely first-round choice center is.

    • L2P says:

      There’s still a pretty good chance he’ll be a Cleveland Brown!

  8. arguingwithsignposts says:

    21-14?! I thought this was a Pac-10 12 game?

  9. Stag Party Palin says:

    I didn’t see Condi at the game, thank FSM. Maybe she didn’t get the memo: “Stanford determined to beat SC.”

  10. Steve S. says:

    If there is a Heismann candidate on USC it should be one of the two wideouts. Or maybe both of them. In fact, I’ve been living in fear that my favorite NFL team will draft Barkley and discover that he’s not capable of throwing anything other than a hitch to an elite WR with a huge talent mismatch.

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