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Every Nuclear Family is Nuclear in its Own Way

[ 2 ] July 29, 2012 |

Here’s a fascinating series of photographs from a book on the Soviet bomb program.  Someday, I would love to see a big coffee table book of pictures like these from all of the nuclear powers. The story that Richard Rhodes tells about the Manhattan Project is of an extended, extremely well-funded fraternity retreat from an elite engineering college.  The Russian visuals seem almost steampunk by comparison. I’m sure that the rest of programs have their own unique stories.


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  1. efgoldman says:

    My (deceased) father-in-law was an technician for the company that made the switches for the bombs in the 50s-60s. He was called away from his family several times for (then top secret) trips to White Sands or the Pacific.
    He told a famous story (over and over and….) about a test bomb that didn’t go off at White Sands, and how he had to climb to the top of the tower, straddle the bomb, and remove the switch so it could be tested.

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