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Does Residence in Alaska Convey International Relations Expertise?


Evil Empire, just a few short miles away… Via B&P.

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  • d

    I’ve been trying to come up with a gentle way of telling you, Rob, to let me do the talking when it comes to the Georgian crisis.
    I rest my case now. From now on, your beat will be the Tennessee Air National Guard and the Ohio Coast Guard. Leave the Russian shit to people who live all the way up here.

  • Evan

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for SecDef! She’s just 90 miles from Cuba!

  • Malaclypse

    Not only is Alaska near Russia, but it is also near those wily Canadians.
    How can we be sure Palin is not a communist, given Alaska’s geography? It would be irresponsible not to speculate. Can we get a copy of her birth certificate?

  • kid bitzer

    you know, arizona’s pretty close to mexico, for that matter.
    i mean, parts of it are, anyhow.

  • Jon

    Ah, but the Palins of the Alaskan marches have fought off the Siberian raiders for decades. And the Heaths have bled to keep their lands secure since President Grant created the first Marquess of Wasilla. The Russian Bear knows the Palins, true, and will quake on the day Lady Sarah takes office in Washington.

  • jsg

    Do tourists count?

  • Emily Litella

    I think it’s astonishing that McCain picked Palin as his VP. I mean, what experience does he have? Twenty years as part of Monty Python’s Flying Circus? That train series on PBS? How does that qualify him to be VP? And he’s not even American! He’s British!, I thought that…
    What? Not Michael? Sarah? Sarah who?
    Oh, that’s very different
    Never mind.

  • McKingford

    I would like to point out my vast foreign policy experience by noting that for years I lived in a border town, with my front window giving me a great view across the Detroit river at the Detroit skyline…

  • Hogan

    Just imagine all the international experience Biden has, what with Delaware sharing a border with much of Africa and Europe.

  • ML

    The Palin pick almost scares me. There’s no way the Republicans are actually this stupid. *No one* is this stupid. What do they know that we don’t?
    Is Sarah Palin the Funniest Joke in the World?

  • Karate Bearfighter

    Weren’t you people listening to her speech? She’s the commander of the Alaskan National Guard! She has tons of military experience! Without Sarah Palin standing on that wall, you’d all be speaking Russ- … damn, can’t keep that up.
    On a more serious note, has any governor ever campaigned for federal office citing their position as nominal commander of the national guard as a military credential? Or have we hit a new low for disingenuity in politics?

  • SFAW

    Jon –
    Not only that, but former-special-forces-trained-killer-and-now-governor Palin knows how to yell “Wolverines!!!” in Inuit.

  • Larry Johnson thinks that visiting wounded troops in Germany gives Palin more foreign policy experience than Obama.
    Of course, he’s a fucking lunatic.

  • SFAW

    K-Bear –
    I think we have a Preznit who cited his “experience” (what the rest of the rational world would call “being AWOL”) in the Texas Air National Guard as military background.
    But I could be wrong.
    On the other hand: did you know that John McCain was once a POW? I also heard they made a movie about McCain, with Laurence Harvey playing him, Angela Lansbury as his mother, and Jerry Mathers as The Beav.

  • Karate Bearfighter

    sure, that was disingenuous; but before going AWOL, W. was trained as a fighter pilot. He had a rank and a uniform and everything, even if it was a plum assignment in a unit guaranteed never to see combat. Palin referring to herself as “Commander of the Alaskan National Guard” adds a new level of disingenuity. Mittens never showed up at a GOP debate and said, “McCain was a POW, but hey — I commanded the Massachusetts National Guard!”
    FWIW, I think this is the logical extension of Bush’s misuse of the Commander-in-Chief title. For 8 years, every discussion of foreign policy has been met with an attempt to blur the distinction between Bush’s civilian and military roles. Some governor pulling the same rhetorical trick was probably inevitable.

  • OriGuy

    Is there anything to stop someone at the Republican convention from putting someone else’s name in for nomination? Say a Huckabee supporter? IIRC, they only need a second. Then there would be a rollcall vote. I’d like to see how the MSM covered that without talking about the GOP being divided.

  • joel

    On the plus side, the promotion of Alaska to Foreign Policy Center of the Universe is good news for LG&M. Que no?

  • Y

    Sure, living near an airport makes you a pilot. Right?

  • Rob

    Yeah, that’s a good point. We should try to get a grant for a nice Juneau based foreign policy think tank. I’ll confess that I’ll be telecommuting for the most part…

  • cleter

    Oh, if some errant Huckabite tried to put sneak some drama into the nomination, he would be tased and hustled out before you could say “trophy veep.” The GOP convention will be nothing if not orderly.

  • SFAW

    Huckabee? You guys need to think bigger than that. I think any of the following would give the Rethug convention the respect it deserves:
    1) Harold Stassen
    2) Eugene V. Debs
    3) Gus Hall
    4) Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim- lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-OlE-Biscuitbarrel
    but maybe I’m too cynical or sumfin’

  • rea

    These people do know that it’s only about 100 miles farther to Moscow from NYC than from Juneau, don’t they?

  • call me the surge

    Governor Palin and Iraq
    Well, maybe Sarah Palin thought the surge was great, or maybe she didn’t. It’s hard to tell what, if anything, Palin thinks or thought about the surge of troops in Iraq, or the decision to invade Iraq in the first place, for that matter.
    That’s a little weird, since Fort Richardson, near Anchorage, has dispatched countless soldiers to Iraq, including many who did not make it back. And Palin’s own son, Track, is an infantry soldier who could go there any time.

  • On a more serious note, has any governor ever campaigned for federal office citing their position as nominal commander of the national guard as a military credential?
    Jed Bartlet!
    President Josiah Bartlet: It’s not like I’m totally without experience. Your talking to a former governor. I was the Commander in Chief of the New Hampshire National Guard.
    Morris Tolliver: You guys get into a lot of tough scrapes, did ya?
    President Josiah Bartlet: We didn’t have to. We’d just stand on the border and stare you down. Then we’d all go for pancakes.

  • John

    One thing that strikes me is that the fact that this pick is totally out of the blue means that there were no trial balloons in the media.
    I would not be at all surprised if the Kaine trial balloon and the generally negative response to it had some impact in getting Obama not to pick Kaine as his running mate.
    I tend to suspect that if the McCain people had had time and inclination to trial balloon this pick, they’d have quickly become convinced that it was not a good idea. But the whole thing was so haphazard and last minute that they never had time to do that.
    “From the gut” and so forth…what a mess.

  • bayville

    When was that Saturday Night Live skit on? I seemed to have missed that episode.

  • Fauxmaxbaer

    Weren’t you people listening to her speech? She’s the commander of the Alaskan National Guard!
    About a week ago I saw an article where Pawlenty was saying the same thing.

  • Steve Doucy is my pick for the stupidest person on television. And that includes the guy who got himself eaten by grizzlies.

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