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Ang Lee speaks out against proposed Tory legislation that would deny the usual Canadian tax credits to “films and videos deemed offensive to the public.” (In fairness, if it would have stopped Lost and Delirious from being made it would prove that even social conservatism has its upside.) More important tonight, however, is that he can serve as a good luck charm, as he shows good judgments about both Western Canadian cities and hockey teams:

Lee captivated his audience with his friendly, unassuming demeanour.

His next movie, he disclosed, is “a comedy about the sixties,” but he would also love to make a film one day in Vancouver.

“I think this is the most beautiful city in the world …. I hope it’s a hockey movie. I want to make a movie where Canadians win, not always Americans,” said Lee, who became a fan of the Calgary Flames during the filming of Brokeback Mountain.

Hopefully Game 7 will be a little more suspenseful than tonight’s primary. (For some reason, I’m guessing some LG&M readers care more about the latter, so this can serve as a Primary Open Thread.)

…ugh, this fiasco has been much more The Hulk than The Ice Storm…

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  • uncle rameau

    I’m trying to figure a way to move to Vancouver, maybe I could get a job on the set if he can pull the financing together.
    Philly burbs still out….

  • humboldtblue

    Philly burbs still out, but the Flyers are still in.
    Lee has obviously never been to Myer’s Flat if he thinks Vancouver is gorgeous.

  • It was good of Lee to address it considering that his own productions wouldn’t be affected (which the article doesn’t make clear). Under this legislation, only Canadian productions would run the risk of having their tax credits denied. For “service productions”, those produced by companies based outside of Canada but shot here, it would be business as usual. Reverse protectionism. Funny way to run a culture, eh?

  • Linnaeus

    Too bad he became a fan of the Flames.

  • humboldtblue

    Too bad he became a fan of the Flames.
    Particularly after Roenick chased Kiprusoff and the Sharks took a 5-2 lead into the second intermission.
    Outshot the Flames 35-13 over two periods. Defense solid. Nabby, solid. Offense, overhwleming.
    Never could take to the Sharks, but the third period should make for good tv.

  • Sorry about that. But it means that there will be at least some Pacific time zone games.
    Now, does Montreal count as the last Canadian team in the tournament? I’m genuinely curious. All the Habs blogs are bitching about the CBC already.

  • The Hulk? No, Scott, the craptastic Ang Lee film is Ride With The Devil.
    You could watch it for comparison’s sake, but I’d urge just to trust my advice on that film.

  • Ride with the Devil starred Jewel. How bad could it be?

  • mwg

    “How bad could it be?” Insert obligatory coffee coming out nose onto monitor and keyboard joke here. Fortunately I’d have to pick up the mug first…

  • Gridlock

    I liked The Hulk. It had Nolte’s OTT performance, innovative cinematography that honoured the comic book origins very, very well and successfully manages to weave numerous threads and topics throughout the structure.
    I never understood the animosity toward it from both ‘fans’ and the general public – anyone care to detail what made it bad for them?

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