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On May 3, 1911, Wisconsin created the first workers compensation program, followed almost immediately by Washington and most of the Northwestern states. This was the beginning of a system, albeit quite limited even now, to compensate workers properly when they are injured or killed on the job. The 19th century was terribly dangerous for workers. […]

Media Appearances

On May 1, 2013

Because of the writing I’ve done on Bangladesh and Texas, I’ve had a number of media appearances lately. First, I was on the David Shuster show last weekend, with Daniel Marans hosting. Th

If anyone is interested, I am participating in a panel at HuffPo Live at 9:30 on workplace safety. In part at least, it will deal with the piece I wrote last week on applying workplace safety law internationally and holding corporations accountable for deaths caused by their subcontractors. Among the other panelists is Shikha Dalmia […]


On April 26, 2013

Turns out that Bangladeshi workers do make choices for themselves outside of theoretical “choices” about working dangerous jobs. In fact, they choose to engage in massive protests after ov

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