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On February 1, 2012
My major goal in election-related blogging is to provide some coverage of state-level politics, which I pay a good deal of attention to. This is particularly true in states that I have lived (OR, NM, TX, TN, OH, RI) and states that I have spent a lot of time (most of the American West outside […]
In 1992, I was a senior in high school. That spring, my town of Springfield, Oregon passed a notorious anti-gay ordinance that barred the city from taking any steps against discrimination. It was one of the 2 or 3 real radicalizing experiences of my life. I don’t know that the town was torn exactly, in […]
As Erik notes, Mark Hatfield has passed.  He was, from our current point of view, a remarkably odd political figure. I remember this quite well: Senator Mark O. Hatfield of Oregon, the only Republican to vote against the balanced-budget amendment when it fell one vote short of passing the Senate last week, offered to resign […]


On November 18, 2007

Oregon really does look like this. I’m not sure Farley would have signed off on my gig here if he’d known I’d never been to Oregon before, say, last night. The entire state — b

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