Michael Ignatieff has another mea culpa for his support of W’s Iraqi adventure. His previous apology back in March (no link, behind a pay-per-view wall) I recall only hazily. It showed up during a bit of a barrage of clumsy apologies, who can keep them straight? At any rate, I’ll read this one shortly and share […]

F 9/11, another take

On June 29, 2004

I saw it Sunday afternoon. Not quite as boisterous a crowd as Rob and Scott were treated to, but enthusiastic enough. I found the film uneven, but undeniably and surprisingly powerful (especially give

Admittedly, identifying the worst manifestation of a silly concept badly executed is a wearying, impossible exercise, so identifying the very worst “Kerryism” is as inherently futile as discerning the worst episode of “Who’s the Boss?” or the worst film directed by Roland Emmerich. Nonetheless, I’m inclined to make such a claim about this one anyway. Here’s […]
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