Atrios’s instincts are right on all counts–Scalia is correct, and that is scary. To provide the background, the decision today in Blakeley is an extension of the Court’s 2000 decision Apprendi v. New Jersey (also written by Scalia), in which the Court ruled that sentences given out by judges and not based on facts submitted to a jury […]

Muck Fickey

In General
On June 23, 2004
A new low from Zell Miller “Democrat” Mickey Kaus. The good news is that Count Hackula expressed a progressive political sentiment for the first time since the Nixon Administration. The bad news is that he uses transparently fake anti-misogyny to bash Bill Clinton. [Even though he made every excuse in the book for Governor Wolfcastle, despite the fact that the latter’s repeated humiliations and assaults […]
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